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Sunday, June 23

Mobile Vision (B113-114)

Zhengyou Zhang, Marc Pollefeys, Gang Hua, Matthew Turk, Kari Pulli, Yun Fu

S1: Mobile Visual Recognition and Search (09:25–10:15)

1Real-Time Mobile Food Recognition System


Yoshiyuki Kawano, Keiji Yanai

8Style Finder: Fine-Grained Clothing Style Detection and Retrieval


Wei Di, Catherine Wah, Anurag Bhardwaj, Robinson Piramuthu, Neel Sundaresan

S2: Mobile Motion Analysis (10:45–12:00)

14Stereo Camera Tracking for Mobile Devices


Simone Gasparini, Pascal Bertolino

20Towards Auto-calibration of Smart Phones Using Orientation Sensors


Philip Saponaro, Chandra Kambhamettu

27Detection of Moving Objects with Non-stationary Cameras in 5.8ms: Bringing Motion Detection to Your Mobile Device


Kwang Moo Yi, Kimin Yun, Soo Wan Kim, Hyung Jin Chang, Jin Young Choi

S3: Mobile Imaging and Detection (14:35–15:25)

35Mobile Video Capture of Multi-page Documents


Jayant Kumar, Raja Bala, Hengzhou Ding, Phillip Emmett

41Collision Detection for Visually Impaired from a Body-Mounted Camera


Shrinivas Pundlik, Matteo Tomasi, Gang Luo

S4: Demos (1555–1635)

48Video Demo: An Egocentric Vision Based Assistive Co-robot


Jingzhe Zhang, Lishuo Zhuang, Yang Wang, Yameng Zhou, Yan Meng, Gang Hua

50Mobile Exergames - Burn Calories While Playing Games on a Smartphone


Pradeep Buddharaju, Naga Siva Chandra Prasad Pamidi

52A Mobile Vision System for Fast and Accurate Ellipse Detection


Michele Fornaciari, Rita Cucchiara, Andrea Prati

54Stabilization of Magnified Videos on a Mobile Device for Visually Impaired


Zewen Li, Shrinivas Pundlik, Gang Luo

Biometrics (B117-119)

Bir Bhanu, Nalini K. Ratha, Venu Govindaraju, Ajay Kumar

S1: Face Recognition I (08:30–09:20)

56An Augmented Linear Discriminant Analysis Approach for Identifying Identical Twins with the Aid of Facial Asymmetry Features


Felix Juefei-Xu, Marios Savvides

64Continuous 3D Face Authentication Using RGB-D Cameras


Mauricio Pamplona Segundo, Sudeep Sarkar, Dmitry Goldgof, Luciano Silva, Olga Bellon

70Fixation and Saccade Based Face Recognition from Single Image per Person with Various Occlusions and Expressions


Xingjie Wei, Chang-Tsun Li

S2: Fingerprint Matching I (09:20–10:10)

76Issues in Rotational (Non-)invariance and Image Preprocessing


Lalit Jain, Michael J. Wilber, Terrance E. Boult

84A New Metric for Latent Fingerprint Image Preprocessing


Haiying Guan, Andrew M. Dienstfrey, Mary Frances Theofanos

92Minutiae-Based Matching State Model for Combinations in Fingerprint Matching System


Xi Cheng, Sergey Tulyakov, Venu Govindaraju

S3: Antispoofing Techniques (10:40–11:30)

98Anti-spoofing in Action: Joint Operation with a Verification System


Ivana Chingovska, André Anjos, Sébastien Marcel

105Computationally Efficient Face Spoofing Detection with Motion Magnification


Samarth Bharadwaj, Tejas I. Dhamecha, Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh

111Shape and Texture Based Countermeasure to Protect Face Recognition Systems against Mask Attacks


Neslihan Kose, Jean-Luc Dugelay

S4: Ocular, Gait and Template Security (1130–1200)

117What Is a "Good" Periocular Region for Recognition?


Jonathon M. Smereka, B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar

125Histogram of Weighted Local Directions for Gait Recognition


Sabesan Sivapalan, Daniel Chen, Simon Denman, Sridha Sridharan, Clinton Fookes

131A New Protocol to Evaluate the Resistance of Template Update Systems against Zero-Effort Attacks


Romain Giot, Christophe Rosenberger, Bernadette Dorizzi

S5: Fingerprint Matching II (14:30–15:20)

138Self-Organizing Maps for Fingerprint Image Quality Assessment


Martin Aastrup Olsen, Elham Tabassi, Anton Makarov, Christoph Busch

146Quality Assessment for Fingerprints Collected by Smartphone Cameras


Guoqiang Li, Bian Yang, Martin Aastrup Olsen, Christoph Busch

154Texture Modeling for Synthetic Fingerprint Generation


Peter Johnson, Fang Hua, Stephanie Schuckers

S6: Face Recognition II (15:40–16:30)

160Image Set-Based Face Recognition: A Local Multi-keypoint Descriptor-Based Approach


Na Liu, Meng-Hui Lim, Pong C. Yuen, Jian-Huang Lai

166General Regression and Representation Model for Face Recognition


Jianjun Qian, Jian Yang

173Bacteria Foraging Fusion for Face Recognition across Age Progression


Daksha Yadav, Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh, Massimo Tistarelli

S7: Performance Improvement (16:30–17:20)

180Similarity Measure Using Local Phase Features and Its Application to Biometric Recognition


Shoichiro Aoyama, Koichi Ito, Takafumi Aoki

188Can Combining Demographics and Biometrics Improve De-duplication Performance?


Himanshu S. Bhatt, Richa Singh, Mayank Vatsa

194On Controlling Genuine Reject Rate in Multi-stage Biometric Verification


Md S. Hossain, Kiran S. Balagani, Vir V. Phoha

Scene Understanding (A105-106)

Jianxiong Xiao, Aditya Khosla, James Hays, Derek Hoiem

This workshop does not have published papers.

Symmetry Detection from Real World Images — A Competition (A107-109)

Yanxi Liu, Luc Van Gool, Seungkyu Lee, Jingchen Liu, Minwoo Park, Gang Zheng, George Slota, Zhaohui Wu

200Symmetry Detection from RealWorld Images Competition 2013: Summary and Results


Jingchen Liu, George Slota, Gang Zheng, Zhaohui Wu, Minwoo Park, Seungkyu Lee, Ingmar Rauschert, Yanxi Liu

S2: Reflection (11:05-11:50)

206Recognition of Symmetry Structure by Use of Gestalt Algebra


Eckart Michaelsen, David Muench, Michael Arens

211Detection of Mirror-Symmetric Image Patches


Viorica Patraucean, Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Maks Ovsjanikov

217Multi-scale Kernel Operators for Reflection and Rotation Symmetry: Further Achievements


Shripad Kondra, Alfredo Petrosino, Sara Iodice

S2: Rotation or Translation (13:30-14:15)

223Translation Symmetry Detection: A Repetitive Pattern Analysis Approach


Yunliang Cai, George Baciu

Visual Analysis and Geo-localization of Large-Scale Imagery (C120-122)

Mubarak Shah, Luc Van Gool, Asaad Hakeem, Jan-Michael Frahm, Alexei Efros, Khurram Shafique, Omar Javed

2293D Point Cloud Reduction Using Mixed-Integer Quadratic Programming


Hyun Soo Park, Yu Wang, Eriko Nurvitadhi, James C. Hoe, Yaser Sheikh, Mei Chen

237User-Driven Geolocation of Untagged Desert Imagery Using Digital Elevation Models


Eric Tzeng, Andrew Zhai, Matthew Clements, Raphael Townshend, Avideh Zakhor

Action Similarity in Unconstrained Videos (C124)

Tal Hassner, Eitan Sharon, Jianbo Shi

245A Critical Review of Action Recognition Benchmarks


Tal Hassner

251Formulating Action Recognition as a Ranking Problem


Ethem F. Can, R. Manmatha

257Spatio-temporal Saliency for Action Similarity


G.J. Burghouts, S.P. van den Broek, R.J.M. ten Hove

263Evaluating New Variants of Motion Interchange Patterns


Yair Hanani, Noga Levy, Lior Wolf

V&L Net Workshop on Language for Vision (C125-126)

Ted Briscoe, Darren Cosker, Frank Keller, William Smith

269Not Everybody's Special: Using Neighbors in Referring Expressions with Uncertain Attributes


Amir Sadovnik, Andrew Gallagher, Tsuhan Chen

277Cardiff Conversation Database (CCDb): A Database of Natural Dyadic Conversations


Andrew J. Aubrey, David Marshall, Paul L. Rosin, Jason Vendeventer, Douglas W. Cunningham, Christian Wallraven

283Automatic Signer Diarization - The Mover Is the Signer Approach


Binyam Gebrekidan Gebre, Peter Wittenburg, Tom Heskes

288Generating Image Descriptions Using Semantic Similarities in the Output Space


Yashaswi Verma, Ankush Gupta, Prashanth Mannem, C.V. Jawahar

294Sentence-Based Image Description with Scalable, Explicit Models


Micah Hodosh, Julia Hockenmaier

Monday, June 24

Perception Beyond the Visible Spectrum (A105)

Riad I. Hammoud, Fatih Porikli, Behzad Kamgar-Parsi, Guoliang Fan, Firooz Sadjadi, Guna Seetharaman, Aly Farag

301Tri-modal Person Re-identification with RGB, Depth and Thermal Features


Andreas Møgelmose, Chris Bahnsen, Thomas B. Moeslund, Albért Clapes, Sergio Escalera

308Fast and Accurate Registration of Visible and Infrared Videos


Socheat Sonn, Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau, Philippe Galinier

314A Multi-sensor Fusion Framework in 3-D


Vishal Jain, Andrew C. Miller, Joseph L. Mundy

320Overhead-Based Image and Video Geo-localization Framework


Riad I. Hammoud, Scott A. Kuzdeba, Brian Berard, Victor Tom, Richard Ivey, Renu Bostwick, Jason HandUber, Lori Vinciguerra, Nathan Shnidman, Byron Smiley

328A Comparative Evaluation of Spectral Reflectance Representations for Spectrum Reconstruction, Interpolation and Classification


Cong Phuoc Huynh, Antonio Robles-Kelly

336A Fully Automatic Method to Extract the Heart Rate from Thermal Video


Travis R. Gault, Aly A. Farag

342One-Class Multiple-Look Fusion: A Theoretical Comparison of Different Approaches with Examples from Infrared Video


Mark W. Koch

348The CASIA NIR-VIS 2.0 Face Database


Stan Z. Li, Dong Yi, Zhen Lei, Shengcai Liao

354A Non-invasive Method for Measuring Blood Flow Rate in Superficial Veins from a Single Thermal Image


Ali Mahmoud, Ahmed El-Barkouky, Heba Farag, James Graham, Aly Farag

360X-Ray Testing by Computer Vision


Domingo Mery

368Automated X-Ray Object Recognition Using an Efficient Search Algorithm in Multiple Views


Domingo Mery, Vladimir Riffo, Irene Zuccar, Christian Pieringer

375Shadow Segmentation in SAS and SAR Using Bayesian Elastic Contours


Darshan Bryner, Anuj Srivastava

381Audio-Visual Feature Fusion for Vehicles Classification in a Surveillance System


Tao Wang, Zhigang Zhu, Riad Hammoud

387Applications of Human Motion Tracking: Smart Lighting Control


Sung Yong Chun, Chan-Su Lee

Big Data Computer Vision (Oregon Ballroom 204)

Chandra Kambhamettu, Dimitris N. Metaxas

393Large Scale Medical Image Search via Unsupervised PCA Hashing


Xiang Yu, Shaoting Zhang, Bo Liu, Lin Zhong, Dimitris N. Metaxas

399Big Data Scalability Issues in WAAS


Jan Prokaj, Xuemei Zhao, Jongmoo Choi, Gérard Medioni

407Iterative Reconstruction of Large Scenes Using Heterogeneous Feature Tracking


Rohith MV, Stephen Rhein, Guoyu Lu, Scott Sorensen, Andrew R. Mahoney, Hajo Eicken, G. Carleton Ray, Chandra Kambhamettu

413Learning Regularized, Query-Dependent Bilinear Similarities for Large Scale Image Retrieval


Zhanghui Kuang, Jian Sun, Kwan-Yee K. Wong

421Lost But Found? Harnessing the Internet for Photometric Completion


Pratyush Sahay, A.N. Rajagopalan

429Duplicate Discovery on 2 Billion Internet Images


Xin-Jing Wang, Lei Zhang, Ce Liu

437Efficient Category Mining by Leveraging Instance Retrieval


Abhinav Goel, Mayank Juneja, C.V. Jawahar

444Peak Valley Edge Patterns: A New Descriptor for Biomedical Image Indexing and Retrieval


Subrahmanyam Murala, Q.M. Jonathan Wu

450Decoupling Sparse Coding with Fusion of Fisher Vectors and Scalable SVMs for Large-Scale Visual Recognition


Zhengping Ji

458Exploiting Unlabeled Ages for Aging Pattern Analysis on a Large Database


Chao Zhang, Guodong Guo

Human Activity Understanding from 3D Data (B113-114)

Wanqing Li, Zicheng Liu, Junsong Yuan, Adrian Hilton, Philip Ogunbona, Zhengyou Zhang

465Joint Angles Similarities and HOG2 for Action Recognition


Eshed Ohn-Bar, Mohan M. Trivedi

471Bio-inspired Dynamic 3D Discriminative Skeletal Features for Human Action Recognition


Rizwan Chaudhry, Ferda Ofli, Gregorij Kurillo, Ruzena Bajcsy, René Vidal

479Recognizing Actions from Depth Cameras as Weakly Aligned Multi-part Bag-of-Poses


Lorenzo Seidenari, Vincenzo Varano, Stefano Berretti, Alberto Del Bimbo, Pietro Pala

486Fusing Spatiotemporal Features and Joints for 3D Action Recognition


Yu Zhu, Wenbin Chen, Guodong Guo

492Grassmannian Sparse Representations and Motion Depth Surfaces for 3D Action Recognition


Sherif Azary, Andreas Savakis

500Edge Enhanced Depth Motion Map for Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition


Chenyang Zhang, Yingli Tian

506Similarity Measure between Two Gestures Using Triplets


Ravikiran Krishnan, Sudeep Sarkar

514Attractor-Shape for Dynamical Analysis of Human Movement: Applications in Stroke Rehabilitation and Action Recognition


Vinay Venkataraman, Pavan Turaga, Nicole Lehrer, Michael Baran, Thanassis Rikakis, Steven L. Wolf

521Home Monitoring Musculo-skeletal Disorders with a Single 3D Sensor


Ruizhe Wang, Gérard Medioni, Carolee J. Winstein, Cesar Blanco

529Reliable Human Detection and Tracking in Top-View Depth Images


Michael Rauter

535A Novel Human Detection Approach Based on Depth Map via Kinect


Yujie Shen, Zhonghua Hao, Pengfei Wang, Shiwei Ma, Wanquan Liu

542Part Segmentation of Visual Hull for 3D Human Pose Estimation


Atul Kanaujia, Nicholas Kittens, Narayanan Ramanathan

550Content Based 3D Human Document Retrieval Using Latent Semantic Mapping


Yohan Jin, Balakrishnan Prabhakaran

558A Compensation Method of Motion Features with Regression for Deficient Depth Image


Ryo Yumiba, Yoshiki Agata, Hironobu Fujiyoshi

Structured Prediction - Tractability, Learning and Inference (B115-116)

Sebastian Nowozin, Peter Gehler

566Collective Activity Detection Using Hinge-loss Markov Random Fields


Ben London, Sameh Khamis, Stephen H. Bach, Bert Huang, Lise Getoor, Larry Davis

572Accelerated Training of Linear Object Detectors


Charles Dubout, François Fleuret

578Hierarchical Feature Pooling with Structure Learning: A New Method for Pedestrian Detection


Xiaoyu Wang, Liangliang Cao, Rogerio Feris, Ankur Data, Tony X. Han

Embedded Vision (B110-112)

Margrit Gelautz, Branislav Kisacanin, Fridtjof Stein, Goksel Dedeoglu

S2: Embedded Low Level Vision (09:30–10:15)

584GPU-SHOT: Parallel Optimization for Real-Time 3D Local Description


Daniele Palossi, Federico Tombari, Samuele Salti, Martino Ruggiero, Luigi Di Stefano, Luca Benini

592Scalable Frame to Block Based Automatic Converter for Efficient Embedded Vision Processing


Senthil Kumar Yogamani, B.H. Pawan Prasad, Rajesh Narasimha

S3: System Analysis (10:45–12:00)

598An Embedded Vision Services Framework for Heterogeneous Accelerators


Eduardo Gudis, Pullan Lu, David Berends, Kevin Kaighn, Gooitzen van der Wal, Gregory Buchanan, Sek Chai, Michael Piacentino

604Vision-Based Lane Analysis: Exploration of Issues and Approaches for Embedded Realization


R. K. Satzoda, Mohan M. Trivedi

S4: Applications I - Detection of Humans (13:30–15:30)

610Next Generation FPGAs and SOCs - How Embedded Systems Can Profit


Felix Eberli

614GPU-Accelerated Human Detection Using Fast Directional Chamfer Matching


David Schreiber, Csaba Beleznai, Michael Rauter

622Pedestrian Detection at Warp Speed: Exceeding 500 Detections per Second


Floris De Smedt, Kristof Van Beeck, Tinne Tuytelaars, Toon Goedemé

629FPGA-Based Real-Time Pedestrian Detection on High-Resolution Images


Michael Hahnle, Frerk Saxen, Matthias Hisung, Ulrich Brunsmann, Konrad Doll

S5: Panel Session (16:00–18:00)

636Stereo Vision Algorithms for FPGAs


Stefano Mattoccia

642Efficient GPU-Based Graph Cuts for Stereo Matching


Young-kyu Choi, In Kyu Park

649Ground Truth Evaluation for Event-Based Silicon Retina Stereo Data


Jüergen Kogler, Florian Eibensteiner, Martin Humenberger, Margrit Gelautz, Josef Scharinger

Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop (C124 (Posters in C125-126))

Sek Chai, Boaz Super

This workshop does not have published papers.

Behaviour Analysis in Games and Modern Sensing (C120-122))

Georgios Tzimiropoulos, Vasileios Argyriou, Jesus Martinez del Rincon, Oriel Bergig, Stefanos Zafeiriou, Anton Nijholt

S1: Invited & Oral Presentations (09:00-10:15)

657"You're It!": Role Identification Using Pairwise Interactions in Tag Games


Alejandro Moreno, Ronald Poppe

S2: Oral Presentations (10:45-12:05)

663Affective Gaming: A Comprehensive Survey


Irene Kotsia, Stefanos Zafeiriou, Spiros Fotopoulos

671Action Recognition with Temporal Relationships


Guangchun Cheng, Yiwen Wan, Wasana Santiteerakul, Shijun Tang, Bill P. Buckles

676THETIS: Three Dimensional Tennis Shots a Human Action Dataset


Sofia Gourgari, Georgios Goudelis, Konstantinos Karpouzis, Stefanos Kollias

6823D Interaction Environment for Free View Point TV and Games Using Multiple Tablet Computers


Rob Dupre, Raul Herrera Acuna, Vasileios Argyriou, Sergio A. Velastin

Friday, June 28

Ground Truth - What is a Good Dataset (A105-106)

Daniel Kondermann, Carsten Rother, Bernd Jöhne

Poster Session

688Adapting a Pedestrian Detector by Boosting LDA Exemplar Classifiers


Jiaolong Xu, David Vázquez, Sebastian Ramos, Antonio M. López, Daniel Ponsa

694Generation of Ground Truth for Object Detection While Playing an Online Game: Productive Gaming or Recreational Working?


Isaak Kavasidis, Concetto Spampinato, Daniela Giordano

700iCub World: Friendly Robots Help Building Good Vision Data-Sets


Sean Ryan Fanello, Carlo Ciliberto, Matteo Santoro, Lorenzo Natale, Giorgio Metta, Lorenzo Rosasco, Francesca Odone

706Weakly Supervised Automatic Annotation of Pedestrian Bounding Boxes


David Vázquez, Jiaolong Xu, Sebastian Ramos, Antonio M. López, Daniel Ponsa

712Ground Truth for Pedestrian Analysis and Application to Camera Calibration


Clement Creusot, Nicolas Courty

7193D Ground-Truth Systems for Object/Human Recognition and Tracking


Afzal Godil, Roger Bostelman, Kamel Saidi, Will Shackleford, Geraldine Cheok, Michael Shneier, Tsai Hong

727A Multi-sensor Traffic Scene Dataset with Omnidirectional Video


Philipp Koschorrek, Tommaso Piccini, Per Öberg, Michael Felsberg, Lars Nielsen, Rudolf Mester

735Challenges of Ground Truth Evaluation of Multi-target Tracking


Anton Milan, Konrad Schindler, Stefan Roth

743Leveraging Crowdsourced Data for Creating Temporal Segmentation Ground Truths of Subjective Tasks


Matt Burlick, Olga Koteoglou, Lazaros Karydas, George Kamberov

Socially Intelligent Surveillance and Monitoring (A107-109)

Vittorio Murino, Marco Cristani, Alessandro Vinciarelli

751Online Social Behavior Modeling for Multi-target Tracking


Shu Zhang, Abir Das, Chong Ding, Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury

759Learning to Detect Carried Objects with Minimal Supervision


Radu Dondera, Vlad Morariu, Larry Davis

767Unsupervised Abnormal Crowd Activity Detection Using Semiparametric Scan Statistic


Yang Hu, Yangmuzi Zhang, Larry S. Davis

775Using 3D Models to Recognize 2D Faces in the Wild


Iacopo Masi, Giuseppe Lisanti, Andrew D. Bagdanov, Pietro Pala, Alberto Del Bimbo

781Dynamic Multi-vehicle Detection and Tracking from a Moving Platform


Chung-Ching Lin, Marilyn Wolf

788MultiClass Object Classification in Video Surveillance Systems - Experimental Study


Mohamed Elhoseiny, Amr Bakry, Ahmed Elgammal

Camera Networks and Wide Area Scene Analysis (B110-112)

Faisal Z. Qureshi, Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury, Christian Micheloni, Bi Song

794Exploring Structural Information and Fusing Multiple Features for Person Re-identification


Yang Hu, Shengcai Liao, Zhen Lei, Dong Yi, Stan Z. Li

800Grouping Crowd-Sourced Mobile Videos for Cross-Camera Tracking


Nathan Frey, Matthew Antone

808A Temporal Scheme for Fast Learning of Image-Patch Correspondences in Realistic Multi-camera Setups


Jens Eisenbach, Christian Conrad, Rudolf Mester

816Target Trajectory Prediction in PTZ Camera Networks


Vahab Akbarzadeh, Christian Gagné, Marc Parizeau

823Tracking in Wide Area Motion Imagery Using Phase Vector Fields


Varun Santhaseelan, Vijayan K. Asari

831Tracking People across Multiple Non-overlapping RGB-D Sensors


Emilio J. Almazán, Graeme A. Jones

Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures (B113-114)

Matthew Turk, Xiaoou Tang, Kevin W. Bowyer, Yun Raymond Fu, Shuicheng Yan, Shaogang Gong

838Nonparametric Facial Feature Localization


Birgi Tamersoy, Changbo Hu, J. K. Aggarwal

846Local Sparse Discriminant Analysis for Robust Face Recognition


Cuicui Kang, Shengcai Liao, Shiming Xiang, Chunhong Pan

854LGE-KSVD: Flexible Dictionary Learning for Optimized Sparse Representation Classification


Raymond Ptucha, Andreas Savakis

862Out-of-Sample Embedding for Manifold Learning Applied to Face Recognition


F. Dornaika, B. Raduncanu

869Face Recognition across Poses Using a Single 3D Reference Model


Gee-Sern Hsu, Hsiao-Chia Peng

875Bidirectional Warping of Active Appearance Model


Ali Mollahosseini, Moohammad H. Mahoor

881Affectiva-MIT Facial Expression Dataset (AM-FED): Naturalistic and Spontaneous Facial Expressions Collected "In-the-Wild"


Daniel McDuff, Rana el Kaliouby, Thibaud Senechal, May Amr, Jeffrey F. Cohn, Rosalind Picard

889Emotional Expression Classification Using Time-Series Kernels


András Lorincz, László Attila Jeni, Zoltán Szabó, Jeffrey F. Cohn, Takeo Kanade

896A Semi-automatic Methodology for Facial Landmark Annotation


Christos Sagonas, Georgios Tzimiropoulos, Stefanos Zafeiriou, Maja Pantic

904Evaluating Open-Universe Face Identification on the Web


Brian C. Becker, Enrique G. Ortiz

912The Power Is in Your Hands: 3D Analysis of Hand Gestures in Naturalistic Video


Eshed Ohn-Bar, Mohan M. Trivedi

Mobile Vision (B115-116)

Gordon Wetzstein, Amit Agrawal

S1: Paper Session (10:30–11:30)

918Projection Based Real-Time Material Appearance Manipulation


Toshiyuki Amano

924Practical Non-linear Photometric Projector Compensation


Anselm Grundhöfer

930Physical Avatars in a Projector-Camera Tangible User Interface Enhance Quantitative Simulation Analysis and Engagement


Joshua Nasman, Barbara Cutler

S2: Paper Session (13:30–14:30)

937Optical Computing System for Fast Non-uniform Image Deblurring


Tao Yue, Jinli Suo, Xiangyang Ji, Qionghai Dai

945An Analysis of Focus Sweep for Improved 2D Motion Invariance


Yosuke Bando

953Design of a Chromatic 3D Camera with an End-to-End Performance Model Approach


P. Trouvé, F. Champagnat, G. Le Besnerais, G. Druart, J. Idier

Visual Analysis Beyond Semantics (B117-119)

Luca Marchesotti, Aude Oliva

961No-reference Harmony-Guided Quality Assessment


Christel Chamaret, Fabrice Urban

968Predicting Functional Regions on Objects


Chaitanya Desai, Deva Ramanan

976Visual Attention-Driven Spatial Pooling for Image Memorability


Bora Celikkale, Aykut Erdem, Erkut Erdem

Computer Vision in Sports (C120-122)

Thomas Moeslund, Graham Thomas

S1: Oral Session 1 (10:45-12:00)

984Recognising Team Activities from Noisy Data


Alina Bialkowski, Patrick Lucey, Peter Carr, Simon Denman, Iain Matthews, Sridha Sridharan

991Automatic Recognition of Offensive Team Formation in American Football Plays


Indriyati Atmosukarto, Bernard Ghanem, Shaunak Ahuja, Karthik Muthuswamy, Narendra Ahuja

999Sports Type Classification Using Signature Heatmaps


Rikke Gade, Thomas B. Moeslund

S2: Oral Session 2 (14:10-15:25)

1005Visible-Spectrum Gaze Tracking for Sports


Bernardo R. Pires, Myung Hwangbo, Michael Devyver, Takeo Kanade

1011Non-invasive Soccer Goal Line Technology: A Real Case Study


Paolo Spagnolo, Marco Leo, Pier Luigi Mazzeo, Massimiliano Nitti, Ettore Stella, Arcangelo Distante

1019Reconstruction of 3D Trajectories for Performance Analysis in Table Tennis


Sho Tamaki, Hideo Saito

S3: Oral Session 3 (15:55-17:35)

1027Real-Time Person Detection and Tracking in Panoramic Video


Marcus Thaler, Werner Bailer

1033Object Tracking by Occlusion Detection via Structured Sparse Learning


Tianzhu Zhang, Bernard Ghanem, Changsheng Xu, Narendra Ahuja

1041Scale and Rotation Invariant Approach to Tracking Human Body Part Regions in Videos


Yihang Bo, Hao Jiang

1048Athlete Pose Estimation from Monocular TV Sports Footage


Mykyta Fastovets, Jean-Yves Guillemaut, Adrian Hilton