Technical Program for Tuesday November 13, 2012

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TuPSAT1 Main Hall
Poster Shotgun (03): PR+VR+DA Regular Session
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.1 
Artifact Correction with Robust Statistics for Non-Stationary Intracranial Pressure Signal Monitoring
Feng, MenglingInst. for Infocomm Res.
Loy, Liang YuInst. for Infocomm Res.
Sim, KelvinInst. for Infocomm Res. Singapore
Phua, CliftonInsitiute for Infocomm Res.
Zhang, FengInst. for Infocomm Res.
Guan, CuntaiInst. for Infocomm Res.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.2 
Retinal Vessel Segmentation Via Iterative Geodesic Time Transform
Dai, BaishengHarbin Inst. of Tech.
Bu, WeiHarbin Inst. of Tech.
Wu, XiangqianHarbin Inst. of Tech.
Teng, YanHarbin Medical Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.3 
Hand Posture Recognition Using Finger Geometric Feature
Liu, LiweiTsinghua Univ.
Xing, JunliangTsinghua Univ.
Ai, HaizhouTsinghua Univ. China
Ruan, XiangOmron coorparation
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.4 
Adaptive Kernel Learning Based on Centered Alignment for Hierarchical Classification
Lu, YantingNanjing Univ. of Science and Tech.
Lu, JianfengNanjing Univ. of Science & Tech.
Yang, JingyuNanjing Univ. of Science and Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.5 
Transport Mode Detection with Realistic Smartphone Sensor Data
Widhalm, PeterAustrian Inst. of Tech.
Nitsche, PhilippeAustrian Inst. of Tech.
Braendle, NorbertAustrian Inst. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.6 
On Methods for Incorporating Evidences into Posterior Scoring of Hypotheses
Kovalenko, DmitryUniv. at Buffalo, The State Univ. of New York
Srihari, SargurUniv. at Buffalo, The State Univ. of New York
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.7 
Large-Scale Image Classification Using Supervised Spatial Encoder
Bespalov, DmitriyDrexel Univ.
Qi, YanjunNEC Lab. America
Bai, BingNEC Lab. America
Shokoufandeh, AliDrexel Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.8 
SampleBoost: Improving Boosting Performance by Destabilizing Weak Learners Based on Weighted Error Analysis
Abouelenien, MohamedUniv. of North Texas
Yuan, XiaohuiUniv. of North Texas
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.9 
Cluster-Dependent Feature Selection by Multiple Kernel Self-Organizing Map
Huang, Kuan-ChiehAcad. Sinica
Lin, Yen-YuAcad. Sinica
Cheng, Jie-ZhiAcad. Sinica
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.10 
Active Shape Model with Random Forest for Facial Features Detection
Jiang, WeiShanghai Univ.
Fang, YuchunShanghai Univ.
Zhou, ZhonghuaShang Hai Univ.
Tan, YingShanghai Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.11 
Combining Video Subsequences for Human Action Recognition
Onofri, LeonardoUniv. Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
Soda, PaoloUniv. Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.12 
A Sketch-Based 3D Model Retrieval System
Ding, KeThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Liu, YunhuiThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.13 
Optical Flow Based Head Movement and Gesture Analyzer (OHMeGA)
Martin, SujithaUniv. of California, San Diego
Tran, CuongUniv. of California at San Diego
Trivedi, MohanUniv. of California, San Diego
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.14 
Activity Recognition Based on Semantic Spatial Relation
Meng, LingxunGraduateUniversity of Chinese Acad. ofSciences
Qing, LaiyunGraduate Univ. of Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Yang, Pengrutgers Univ.
Miao, JunInst. of Computing Tech. Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Chen, XilinInst. of Computing Tech. ChineseAcademyofSciences
Metaxas, DimitrisRutgers, the State Univ. of New
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.15 
Robust Lyric Search Based on Weighted Syllable Confusion Matrix
Li, BaoxiangBeijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
Chang, FengxiangBeijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
Wang, QiangBeijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
Liu, GangBeijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
Guo, JunBeijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.16 
Text Location in Complex Images
Gonzalez, AlvaroUniv. of Alcala
Bergasa, Luis M.Univ. of Alcala
Yebes Torres, José JavierUniv. of Alcalá
Bronte, SebastianUniv. de Alcalá
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.17 
A Character Recognition Method in Natural Scene Images
Gonzalez, AlvaroUniv. of Alcala
Bergasa, Luis M.Univ. of Alcala
Yebes Torres, José JavierUniv. of Alcalá
Bronte, SebastianUniv. de Alcalá
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.18 
Business Email Classification Using Incremental Subspace Learning
Li, MinIBM China Res.
Park, YoungjaIBM T.J. Watson Res.
Ma, RuiIBM Res. - China
Huang, He YuanIBM
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.19 
A Discriminative Linear Regression Approach to OCR Adaptation
Du, JunMicrosoft Res. Asia
Huo, QiangMicrosoft Res. Asia
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.20 
A Component-Tree Based Method for User-Intention Guided Text Extraction
Sun, LeiUniv. of Science and Tech. of China, Hefei, China
Huo, QiangMicrosoft Res. Asia
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.21 
Document Image Matching Using Probabilistic Graphical Models
Liu, LiEast China Normal Univ.
Lu, YueEast China Normal Univ.
Suen, Ching YConcordia Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.22 
A Novel Scheme of Orientation and Scale Mapped RDC (OS-RDC) to Improve Compression in Document Images Ensuring Quality Preservation
Das, ApurbaHCL Tech.
Rajagopal, RemyaHCL Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.23 
Automatic Content Recognition of Teaching Boards in the Tableau Platform
Silva, Gabriel de França Pereira eUniv. Federal de Pernambuco
Lins, Rafael DueireUniv. Federal de Pernambuco
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.24 
On the Performance of Decapod’s Digital Font Reconstruction
Al-Khaffaf, Hasan S. M.Tech. Univ. Kaiserslautern
Shafait, FaisalGerman Res. Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
Cutter, MichaelUniv. of California at Santa Cruz
Breuel, ThomasUniv. of kaiserslautern
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.25 
Structured Document Classification by Matching Local Salient Features
Chen, SiyuanFujitsu R&D Center Co., LTD
He, YuanFujitsu R&D Center Co., LTD
Sun, JunFujitsu R&D Center Co., LTD
Naoi, SatoshiFujitsu R&D Center Co., LTD
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.26 
Cascaded Heterogeneous Convolutional Neural Networks for Handwritten Digit Recognition
Wu, ChunpengFujitsu R&D Center Co., LTD.
Fan, WeiFujitsu R&D Center Co., LTD
He, YuanFujitsu R&D Center Co., LTD
Sun, JunFujitsu R&D Center Co., LTD
Naoi, SatoshiFujitsu R&D Center Co., LTD
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.27 
The Dataset System of Economic Dispute Handwritten (DSEDH) Based on Stroke Shape and Structure Features
Tan, JunSun Yat-Sen Univ.
Lai, Jian-huangSun Yat-sen Univ.
Zuo, Xiao-XiongPublic Security of Yuexiu
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.28 
A Novel Low Complexity TV Video OCR System
Chattopadhyay, TanushyamTata Consultancy Services
Chaudhuri, Bidyut BaranIndian Statistical Inst.
Jain, RuchikaTata Consultancy Services
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.29 
Symbol Spotting for Technical Documents : An Efficient Template-Matching Approach
Weber, JonathanUniv. de Lorraine/LORIA
Tabbone, SalvatoreUniv. de Lorraine-LORIA UMR 7503
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.30 
A New Iterative-Midpoint-Method for Video Character Gap Filling
Palaiahnakote, ShivakumaraNational Univ. of Singapore
Bei Hong, DingNational Univ. of Signapore
Zhao, DanniNational Univ. of Singapore
Tan, Chew-LimNational Univ. of Singapore
Pal, UmapadaIndian Statistical Inst.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.31 
A Study on Three Dimensional Rotation-Free Character Recognition and Rotation Angle Estimation of Characters
Narita, RyoMie Univ.
Ohyama, WataruMie Univ.
Wakabayashi, TetsushiMie Univ.
Kimura, FumitakaMie Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.32 
Scene Text Detection Via Stroke Width
Li, YaoDalian Univ. of Tech.
Lu, Hu-chuanDalian Univ. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.33 
A Character Degradation Model for Grayscale Ancient Document Images
Kieu, Van CuongLab. Bordelais de RechercheenInformatique-Lab.
Visani, MurielUniv. of La Rochelle
Journet, NicholasLab. Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique -Lab.
Domenger, Jean philippeLab.
Mullot, RémyLab. Informatique, Image et Interaction - L3i, Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.34 
Text/graphic Separation Using a Sparse Representation with Multi-Learned Dictionaries
Do, Thanh HaUniv. Nancy 2 - LORIA
Tabbone, SalvatoreUniv. de Lorraine-LORIA UMR 7503
Ramos Terrades, OriolUniv. Autònma de Barcelona - Computer Vision Centre
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.35 
Accurate Junction Detection and Reconstruction in Line-Drawing Images
Pham, The-AnhFrançois RabelaisUniversity
Delalandre, MathieuLab. of Computer Science (LI), François Rabelais Univ.
Barrat, SabineUniv. of Nancy 2
Ramel, Jean-YvesUniv. François Rabelais de Tours
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.36 
Analyzing the Information Entropy of States to Optimize the Number of States in an HMM-Based Off-Line Handwritten Arabic Word Recognizer
Jiang, ZhiweiTsinghua Univ.
Ding, XiaoqingTsinghua Univ.
Peng, LiangruiTsinghua Univ.
Liu, ChangsongTsinghua Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.37 
Long-Short Term Memory Neural Networks Language Modeling for Handwriting Recognition
Frinken, VolkmarAutonomous Univ. of Barcelona
Zamora-Martinez, FranciscoUniv. CEU-Cardenal Herrera
España-Boquera, SalvadorUniv. Pol. de Valencia
Castro-Bleda, Maria JoseUniv. Pol. de Valencia
Fischer, AndreasUniv. of Fribourg
Bunke, HorstUniv. of Bern
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.38 
Off-Line Arabic Handwriting Recognition System Based on Concavity Features and HMM Classifier
Mansour, Hany AhmedThe American Univ. in Cairo
Abdelazeem, SherifAmerican Univ. in Cairo
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.39 
Reduce the Storage of Incremental MQDF Classifier for Chinese Writer Adaptation
Gao, YanSouth China Univ. of Tech.
Jin, LianwenSouth China Univ. of Tech.
Mao, HuiyunSouth China Univ. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.40 
Combination of Global and Local Baseline-Independent Features for Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition
Li, NingTsinghua Univ.
Xie, XudongTsinghua Univ.
Liu, WentaoTsinghua Univ.
Lam, Kin-ManThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.41 
Scene Character Detection and Recognition Based on Multiple Hypotheses Framework
Huang, RongKyushu Univ.
Oba, ShinpeiKyushu Univ.
Palaiahnakote, ShivakumaraNational Univ. of Singapore
Uchida, SeiichiKyushu Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.42 
Robust On-Line Handwritten Object Retrieval Using a Similarity Measure Based on Overlap Area of Circles
Yagi, TsubasaShinshu Univ.
Miyao, HidetoshiShinshu Univ.
Maruyama, MinoruShinshu Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.43 
Effective Text Localization in Natural Scene Images with MSER, Geometry-Based Grouping and AdaBoost
Yin, XuwangUniv. of Science and Tech. Beijing
Yin, Xu-ChengUniv. of Science and Tech. Beijing
Hao, Hong-WeiUniv. of Science and Tech. Beijing
Iqbal, KhalidSchool of Computer and Communication Engineering,Univ. of S
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.44 
Content-Independent Farsi Font Recognition Based on Dynamic Most-Frequent Connected Components
Ziaratban, MajidElectrical Engineering Department, Golestan Univ.
Faez, KarimAmirkabir Univ. of Tech.
Bagheri, FatemehGolestan Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.45 
Robust Stereo Correspondence for Documents by Matching Connected Components of Text-Lines with Dynamic Programming
Krämer, MartinTech. Univ. of Kaiserslautern
Afzal, Muhammad ZeshanTech. Univ. of Kaiserslautern
Bukhari, Syed SaqibTech. Univ. of Kaiserslautern
Shafait, FaisalGerman Res. Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
Breuel, ThomasUniv. of kaiserslautern
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT1.46 
New Features for Complex Arabic Fonts in Cascading Recognition System
Slimane, FouadUniv. of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland
Zayene, OussamaDiv. group , Department of Informatics, Univ. of Fribourg (
Kanoun, SlimENIS
Alimi, Adel M.Univ. of Sfax, ENIS, Sfax, Tunisia
Hennebert, JeanUniv. of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland
Ingold, RolfUniv. of Fribourg
TuPSAT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Poster Shotgun (04): CV Regular Session
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.1 
Curvature-Driven Volumetric Segmentation of Binary Shapes: An Application to Snow Microstructure Analysis
Wang, XiCNRM-GAME (URA 1357 - CNRS & Météo-France), LIRIS UMR 5205
Gillibert, LucCNRM-GAME (URA 1357 - CNRS & Météo-France)
Flin, FrédéricCNRM-GAME (URA 1357 - CNRS & Météo-France)
Coeurjolly, DavidCNRS - Univ. Claude Bernard Lyon 1
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.2 
Acceleration of GAT Correlation for Distortion-Tolerant Image Matching
Wakahara, ToruHosei Univ.
Yamashita, YukihikoTokyo Inst. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.3 
Bilateral Kernel-Based Region Detector
Cho, WoonThe Univ. of Tennessee
Kim, Sung-YeolThe Unviersity of Tennessee at Knoxville
Koschan, Andreasthe Univ. of tennessee
Abidi, Mongithe Univ. of tennessee
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.4 
A Probabilistic Formulation of the Optical Flow Problem
Gkamas, TheodosiosUniv. of Strasbourg, LSIIT
Chantas, GiannisAristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki, Department of Informatics
Nikou, ChristophorosUniv. of Ioannina
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.5 
Camera Calibration from a Single Image Based on Coupled Line Cameras and Rectangle Constraint
Lee, Joo-HaengETRI
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.6 
Automatic Segmentation Fusing Color and Depth
Dai, XiaoyanCanon Inc
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.7 
Decomposed Contour Prior for Shape Recognition
Kong, YuSUNY at Buffalo
Fu, YunNortheastern Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.8 
A Multi-Task Learning Strategy for Unsupervised Clustering Via Explicitly Separating the Commonality
Kong, ShuZhejiang Univ.
Wang, DonghuiZhejiang Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.9 
Estimating the Precision of Under-Water Video-Mosaics
Michaelsen, EckartFraunhofer IOSB
Scherer-Negenborn, NorbertFhG-IOSB
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.10 
A Comparison of Local Feature Detectors and Descriptors for Visual Object Categorization by Intra-Class Repeatability and Matching
Lankinen, JukkaLappeenranta Univ. of Tech.
Kangas, VilleLappeenranta Univ. of Tech.
Kamarainen, Joni-KristianLappeenranta Univ. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.11 
Estimation of Earthquake Ground Motion by Image Analysis of Sliding Objects Taken with a Fixed Camera
Yokota, ArimitsuThe Univ. of Electro-Communications
Hamamoto, TakayukiTokyo Univ. of Science
Koga, HisashiUniv. of Electro-Communications
Watanabe, ToshinoriUniv. of Electro-Communications
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.12 
Depth-Map Merging for Multi-View Stereo with High Resolution Images
Shen, ShuhanInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.13 
The Vectorial Minimum Barrier Distance
Kårsnäs, AndreasUppsala Univ. Sweden
Strand, RobinUppsala Univ.
Saha, Punam KumarUniv. of Iowa
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.14 
3D Point Tracking and Pose Estimation of a Space Object Using Stereo Images
Oumer, Nassir WorkichoGerman Aerospace Center (DLR), Inst. of Robotics and Mechatr
Panin, GiorgioGerman Aerospace Center (DLR), Inst. of Robotics and Mechatr
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.15 
Seeing through Clutter: Snake Computation with Dynamic Programming for Particle Segmentation
Ray, NilanjanUniv. of Alberta
Acton, ScottUniv. of Virginia
Zhang, HongUniv. of Alberta
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.16 
Segmentation of Occluded Sidewalks in Satellite Images
Senlet, TurgayRutgers, The State Univ. of New Jersey
Elgammal, AhmedRutgers Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.17 
Face Recognition with Illumination Distinction Description
Li, YuelongTianjin Pol. Univ.
Feng, JufuPeking Univ.
Liu, ChongjinPeking Univ. of Electronics Engineering andComputer
Fu, XiangPeking Univ. Scie
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.18 
Human Detection by Haar-Like Filtering Using Depth Information
Ikemura, ShoChubu Unversity
Fujiyoshi, HironobuChubu Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.19 
Object Localisation Via Action Recognition
Darby, JohnManchester Metropolitan Univ.
Li, BaihuaManchester Metropolitan Univ.
Cunningham, Ryan JamesManchester Metropliton Univ.
Costen, Nicholas PaulManchester Metropolitan Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.20 
3D Object Localization Using Single Camera Images
Buchholz, DirkTU Braunschweig
Kubus, DanielTU Braunschweig
Winkelbach, SimonTech. Univ. Braunschweig
Wahl, Friedrich M.Tech. Univ. of Braunschweig
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.21 
A Group-Based PLSA Model with Graph Regularization for Image Annotation
Qian, ZhimingNational Univ. of DefenseTechnology
Zhong, PingNational Univ. of Defense Tech.
Wang, RunshengNational Univ. of Defense Tech.
Sun, ShujinNational Univ. of Defense Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.22 
Real-Time Human Object Motion Parameters Estimation from Depth Images
Huang, Chung-LinNational Tsing-Hua Univ.
Tsao, I-ChungNational Tsing-Hua Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.23 
Object Tracking Using Modified Online Random Naive Bayes and GrabCut Segmentation
Ren, DongpingSun Yat-sen Univ.
Sun, WeiSun Yat-sen Univ.
Lu, WeiSun Yat-sen Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.24 
A Visual Marker for Precise Pose Estimation Based on a Microlens Array
Tanaka, HideyukiNational Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science andTechnology
Sumi, YasushiNational Inst. of Advanced IndustrialScienceandTechnology
Matsumoto, YoshioNational Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.25 
Camera-Less Articulated Trajectory Reconstruction
Zhu, YingyingUniv. of Queensland, CSIRO
Valmadre, JackCSIRO
Lucey, SimonCSIRO
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.26 
Patch Based Saliency Detection Method for 3D Surface Simplification
Zhao, YitianAberystwyth Univ.
Liu, YonghuaiAberystwyth Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.27 
An Enhanced EM Algorithm Using Maximum Entropy Distribution As Initial Condition
Xuan, GuorongTongji Univ.
Shi, Yun Q.New Jersey Inst. of Tech.
Chai, Peiqitongji Univ.
Sutthiwan, PatcharaNew Jersey Inst. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.28 
Model-Based Extraction of Image Area Descriptors Using a Multi-Scale Attention Operator
Palenichka, RomanUniv. of Quebec
Petrou, MariaImperial Coll.
Kompatsiaris, YiannisCERTH
Lakhssassi, AhmedUniv. of Quebec
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.29 
Reconstruction of 3D Lines from a Single Axial Catadioptric Image Using Cross-Ratio
Perdigoto, LuisISR - Inst. for System andRobotics,Univ.
Araujo, HelderUniv. of Coimbra
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.30 
Dense Motion Segmentation of Articulated Objects in Crowds
Iwasaki, MasahiroPanasonic Corp.
Komoto, AyakoPanasonic Corp.
Nobori, KunioPanasonicCorporation
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.31 
Human Pose Tracking by Hierarchical Manifold Searching
Moutzouris, AlexandrosKINGSTON Univ.
Martinez-del-Rincon, JesusKingston Univ.
Nebel, Jean-ChristopheKingston Univ.
Makris, DimitriosKingston Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.32 
Enhancing Motion Field with OA-Filter and Alternative Measurement
Nguyen, Duc DungSungkyunkwan Univ.
Jeon, JaeSungkyunkwan Univ. Korea
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.33 
Meeting in the Middle: A Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach to Detect Pedestrians
Shaukat, AffanUniv. of Surrey
Gilbert, AndrewUniv. of Surrey
Windridge, DavidUniv. of Surrey
Bowden, RichardUniv. of Surrey
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.34 
Fast K-Means Algorithm Based on Knowledge Learning and Its Application for Real-Time Image Segmentation
Yu, ZhiwenSouth China Univ. of Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.35 
Face Hallucination Via K-Selection Mean Constrained Sparse Representation
Huang, KebinWuhan Univ.
Hu, RuiminNational Engineering Res. Center for MultimediaSoftware, Wuh
Han, ZhenWuhan Univ.
Lu, TaoWuhan Univ.
Jiang, JunjunWuhan Univ.
Wang, FengHuanggang Normal Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.36 
Multisensor Evidence Integration and Optimization in Rail Inspection
Trinh, HoangIBM Res.
Pankanti, SharathIBM Res.
Haas, NormanIBM Res.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.37 
Object Segmentation in Multiple Views without Camera Calibration
Liang, QinghuaBeijing Jiaotong Univ.
Miao, ZhenjiangInst. of Information Science, Beijing Jiaotong Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.38 
Multilevel Otsu's Thresholding Method with an Equivalent 3D Otsu's Method
Sthitpattanapongsa, PuthipongKasetsart Univ.
Srinark, ThitiwanKasetsart Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.39 
Fusion of Low-And High-Dimensional Approaches by Trackers Sampling for Generic Human Motion Tracking
Liu,Ye, YeKey Lab. of MachinePerception(MOE),PekingUniversity,Beijing, Chin
Cui, Jinshi, JinshiKey Lab. of Machine Perception (MOE), Peking Univ.
Zhao, HuijingPeking Univ.
Zha, HongbinPeking Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.40 
Vanishing Point Estimation by Spherical Gradient
Li, ShigangTottori Univ.
Jia, HanchaoTottori Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.41 
Online Transfer Boosting for Object Tracking
Gao, ChangxinHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Sang, NongHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Huang, RuiHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.42 
Car Make and Model Recognition Combining Global and Local Cues
AbdelMaseeh, MeenaUniv. of Waterloo
Badreldin, IslamCairo Univ.
Abdelkader, MohamedPort-Said Univ.
El-Saban, MotazMicrosoft Res.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.43 
A Cost Construction Via MSW and Linear Regression for Stereo Matching
Liu, TianliangNanjing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications, JiangsuProvi
Dai, XiubinNanjing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
Huo, ZhiyongNanjing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
Zhu, XiuchangNanjing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications
Luo, LiminSoutheast Univ.
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.44 
Learning a Selectivity-Invariance-Selectivity Feature Extraction Architecture for Images
Gutmann, Michael UrsUniv. of Helsinki
Hyvarinen, AapoUniv. of Helsinki
08:30-09:00, Paper TuPSAT2.45 
Semantic Image Segmentation Using Region Bank
Zou, WenbinUniv. Européenne de Bretagne, INSA/IETR/UMRCNRS6164,France
Kpalma, KidiyoUniv. Européenne de Bretagne, INSA/IETR/UMR CNRS 6164
Ronsin, JosephUniv. Européenne de Bretagne, INSA/IETR/UMR CNRS 6164
TuAT1 Main Hall
Invited Talk Session-I Regular Session
Chair: Bhanu, BirUniv. of California
Co-Chair: Zha, HongbinPeking Univ.
09:00-09:40, Paper TuAT1.1 
Pursuit of Low-Dimensional Structures in High-Dimensional Data (Invited Talk)
Ma, YiMicrosoft Res. Asia
09:40-10:00, Paper TuAT1.2 
Structural Signatures for Passenger Vehicle Classification in Video
Thakoor, NinadUniv. of California, Riverside
Bhanu, BirUniv. of California
10:00-10:20, Paper TuAT1.3 
Measuring and Evaluating the Compactness of Superpixels
Schick, AlexanderFraunhofer IOSB
Fischer, MikaKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
Stiefelhagen, RainerKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. & Fraunhofer IOSB,Karlsruhe
10:20-10:40, Paper TuAT1.4 
Beyond Bits: Reconstructing Images from Local Binary Descriptors
D'angelo, EmmanuelEPFL
Alahi, AlexandreEPFL
Vandergheynst, PierreEPFL
TuAT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Image Coding, Manipulation, and Watermarking Regular Session
Chair: Lee, GueesangChonnam National Univ.
Co-Chair: Ikenaga, TakeshiWaseda Univ. Japan
09:00-09:20, Paper TuAT2.1 
A Pixel-Domain Mode-Mapping Based SVC-To-AVC Transcoder with Coarse Grain Quality Scalability
Sun, LeiWaseda Univ. Japan
Liu, ZhenyuTsinghua Univ.
Ikenaga, TakeshiWaseda Univ. Japan
09:20-09:40, Paper TuAT2.2 
Example-Based Contrast Enhancement for Portrait Photograph
Zhang, XiaoyanNanyang Tech. Univ.
Constable, MartinNanyang Tech. Univ.
Chan, Kap Luk-
09:40-10:00, Paper TuAT2.3 
A Novel Integer Transform for Efficient Reversible Watermarking
Gui, XinluPeking Univ.
Li, XiaolongPeking Univ.
Yang, BinPeking Univ.
10:00-10:20, Paper TuAT2.4 
Local Intensity Compensation Using Sparse Representation
Inoue, KojiKurume national Coll. of Tech.
Saito, HironobuUniv. of tsukuba
Kuroki, YoshimitsuKurume National Coll. of Tech.
10:20-10:40, Paper TuAT2.5 
RGB and Depth Intra-Frame Cross-Compression for Low Bandwidth 3D Video
Varadarajan, Karthik MaheshTU Wien
Zhou, KaiInst. of Automation and Control, Vienna Univ. ofTechnol
Vincze, MarkusTU Wien
TuAT3 Room 101+102
Feature Selection Regular Session
Chair: Kudo, MineichiHokkaido Univ.
Co-Chair: Grana, CostantinoUniv. degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
09:00-09:20, Paper TuAT3.1 
Sparsity Score: A New Filter Feature Selection Method Based on L1 Graph
Liu, MingxiaDepartmentofComputerScienceandEngineering,NanjingUniversity ofAe
Sun, DanDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanjing Univ.
Zhang, DaoqiangNanjing Univ. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
09:20-09:40, Paper TuAT3.2 
Adaptive Graph Regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Via Feature Selection
Wang, Jing-YanKing Abdullah Univ. of Science and Tech.
Almasri, IslamKing Abdullah Univ. of Science and Tech.
Gao, XinKing Abdullah Univ. of Science and Tech.
09:40-10:00, Paper TuAT3.3 
Cost-Sensitive Feature Selection with Application in Software Defect Prediction
Miao, LinsongNanjing Univ. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Liu, MingxiaDepartmentofComputerScienceandEngineering,NanjingUniversity ofAe
Zhang, DaoqiangNanjing Univ. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
10:00-10:20, Paper TuAT3.4 
Multiple Feature Selection and Fusion Based on Generalized N-Dimensional Independent Component Analysis
Ai, DanniRitsumeikan Univ.
Duan, GuifangZhejiang Univ.
Han, Xian-HuaRitsumeikan Univ.
Chen, Yen-weiRitsumeikan Univ.
10:20-10:40, Paper TuAT3.5 
Early Stopping for Mutual Information Based Feature Selection
Beinrucker, AndreUniv. of Potsdam
Dogan, ÜrünUniv. of Potsdam
Blanchard, GillesUniv. of Potsdam
TuAT4 Hall 200
Search and Retrieval Application Regular Session
Chair: Sato, YoichiUniv. of Tokyo
Co-Chair: Sebe, NicuUniv. of Trento
09:00-09:20, Paper TuAT4.1 
Multi-View Learning with Batch Mode Active Selection for Image Retrieval
Yang, WenhuiUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
Liu, GuiquanUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
Zhang, LeiUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
Chen, EnhongUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
09:20-09:40, Paper TuAT4.2 
Robust Mobile Spamming Detection Via Graph Patterns
Zhao, YuhangBeihang Univ.
Zhang, ZhaoxiangBeihang Univ.
Wang, YunhongBeihang Univ.
Liu, JianyunBeihang Univ. School of Computer Science and Engineering
09:40-10:00, Paper TuAT4.3 
Zombie Survival Optimization: A Swarm Intelligence Algorithm Inspired by Zombie Foraging
Nguyen, Hoang ThanhUniv. of California, Riverside
Bhanu, BirUniv. of California
10:00-10:20, Paper TuAT4.4 
Chi-Squared Metric Learning for Nearest Neighbor Classification and Its Analysis
Noh, SamyeulUniv. of California, San Diego (UCSD)
10:20-10:40, Paper TuAT4.5 
Integrated Personalized Video Summarization and Retrieval
Shafeian, HessamoddinUC Riverside
Bhanu, BirUniv. of California
TuAT5 Hall 300
Face Regular Session
Chair: Ji, QiangRPI
Co-Chair: Shimada, NobutakaRitsumeikan Univ.
09:00-09:20, Paper TuAT5.1 
Local Gaussian Directional Pattern for Face Recognition
Ramirez Rivera, Gerberth AdinKyung Hee Univ.
Rojas Castillo, Jorge AntonioKyung Hee Univ.
Chae, OksamKyung Hee Univ.
09:20-09:40, Paper TuAT5.2 
Multi-Subregion Face Recognition Using Coarse-To-Fine Quad-Tree Decomposition
Zhang, CuicuiKyoto Univ.
Liang, XuefengKyoto Univ.
Matsuyama, TakashiKyoto Univ.
09:40-10:00, Paper TuAT5.3 
Head Pose-Free Appearance-Based Gaze Sensing Via Eye Image Synthesis
Lu, Fengthe Univ. of Tokyo
Sugano, YusukeThe Univ. of Tokyo
Okabe, TakahiroThe Univ. of Tokyo
Sato, YoichiUniv. of Tokyo
10:00-10:20, Paper TuAT5.4 
Robust Multi-Pose Face Tracking by Multi-Stage Tracklet Association
Roth, MarkusKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
Bäuml, MartinKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
Nevatia, RamUSC
Stiefelhagen, RainerKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. & Fraunhofer IOSB,Karlsruhe
10:20-10:40, Paper TuAT5.5 
Simultaneous Facial Activity Tracking and Recognition
Li, YongqiangHarbin Inst. of Tech.
Zhao, YongpingHarbin Inst. of Tech.
Ji, QiangRPI
TuPAT6 Room 201+202
Poster Session (03, 04) Poster Session
TuBT1 Main Hall
3D Reconstruction Regular Session
Chair: Ahuja, Narendra-UIUC
Co-Chair: Nixon, MarkUniv. of Southampton
11:20-11:40, Paper TuBT1.1 
Genus Refinement of a Manifold Surface Reconstructed by Sculpting the 3d-Delaunay Triangulation of Structure-From-Motion Points
Yu, ShudaInst. Pascal
Lhuillier, MaximeInst. Pascal
11:40-12:00, Paper TuBT1.2 
A Free Viewpoint 3DTV System Based on Parameterized Variety Model
Sharma, MansiIndian Inst. of Tech. Delhi
Chaudhury, SantanuIndian Inst. of Tech. Delhi
Lall, BrejeshIndian Inst. of Tech. Delhi
12:00-12:20, Paper TuBT1.3 
A New Metric for Measuring Image-Based 3D Reconstruction
Zhao, XuThe State Key Lab. of Virtual Reality Tech. and Syste
Wu, RuiThe State Key Lab. of Virtual Reality Tech. and Syste
Zhou, ZhongThe State Key Lab. of Virtual Reality Tech. and Syste
Wu, WeiThe State Key Lab. of Virtual Reality Tech. and Syste
12:20-12:40, Paper TuBT1.4 
Stage-Based 3D Scene Reconstruction from Single Image
Liu, YixianQueen Mary Univ. of London
Hao, PengweiQueen Mary Univ. of London
Izquierdo, EbroulQueen Mary, Univ. of London
12:40-13:00, Paper TuBT1.5 
Towards a Simulation Driven Stereo Vision System
Peris Martorell, MartinCyberdyne Inc.
Maki, AtsutoToshiba Res. Europe
Martull, SaraUniv. of Tsukuba
Ohkawa, YasuhiroUniv. of Tsukuba
Fukui, KazuhiroUniv. of Tsukuba
TuBT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Image and Video Super-Resolution Regular Session
Chair: Satoh, Shin'ichiNational Inst. of Informatics
Co-Chair: Strand, RobinUppsala Univ.
11:20-11:40, Paper TuBT2.1 
Fusing Soft-Decision-Adaptive and Bicubic Interpolation for Image Super-Resolution
Kang, XudongHunan Univ.
Li, ShutaoHunan Univ.
Hu, JianwenHunan Univ.
11:40-12:00, Paper TuBT2.2 
Variational Reconstruction and Restoration for Video Super-Resolution
Salvador, JordiTech.
Rivero Alfonso, DanielUPC Barcelona
Kochale, AxelTech.
Ruiz-Hidalgo, JavierUniv. Pol. de Catalunya
12:00-12:20, Paper TuBT2.3 
Optimized Image Super-Resolution Based on Sparse Representation
Zhu, YanmingTianjin Univ.
Jiang, JianminTianjin Univ.
Li, KunTianjin Univ.
12:20-12:40, Paper TuBT2.4 
Image Super-Resolution Based on a Novel Edge Sharpness Prior
Yan, QingShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Xu, YiInst. of Image Communication and Information Processing, Sha
Yang, XiaokangShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Chen, KaiShangHai JiaoTong Univ.
12:40-13:00, Paper TuBT2.5 
Web Image-Based Super-Resolution
Lee, JonghoKorea Inst. of Science and Tech.
Ahn, Sang ChulKorea Inst. of Science and Tech.
Lim, HwasupKorea Inst. of Science and Tech. (KIST)
Kim, Ig-JaeKorea Inst. of Science and Tech. (KIST)
Kim, JaewonKorea Inst. of Science and Tech. (KIST)
Kim, Hyoung-GonKorea Inst. of Science and Tech. (KIST)
TuBT3 Room 101+102
Classification Regular Session
Chair: Kurita, TakioHiroshima Univ.
Co-Chair: Tefas, AnastasiosAristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki
11:20-11:40, Paper TuBT3.1 
Term Relevance Dependency Model for Text Classification
Wu, Meng-SungIndustrial Tech. Res. Inst.
Wang, Hsin-MinAcad. Sinica
11:40-12:00, Paper TuBT3.2 
On the Correlation between Genotype and Classifier Diversity
Connolly, Jean-FrançoisÉcole de Tech. supérieure
Granger, EricÉcole de Tech. supérieure
Sabourin, R.École de Tech. supérieure
12:00-12:20, Paper TuBT3.3 
A Game Theory Inspired, Decentralized, Local Information Based Algorithm for Community Detection in Social Graphs
Narayanam, RamasuriIBM Res. India
Yadati, NarahariIndian Inst. of Science
12:20-12:40, Paper TuBT3.4 
Exploiting Subclass Information in Support Vector Machines
Orfanidis, GeorgiosAristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki
Tefas, AnastasiosAristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki
12:40-13:00, Paper TuBT3.5 
Computing the Graph Edit Distance Using Dominant Sets
Rebagliati, NicolaUniv. Ca' Foscari Venezia
Solé-Ribalta, AlbertUniv. Rovira i Virgili
Pelillo, MarcelloCa' Foscari Univ.
Serratosa, FrancescUniv. Rovira i Virgili
TuBT4 Hall 200
Human Interaction and Authentication Regular Session
Chair: O'Gorman, LawrenceAlcatel-Lucent Bell Lab.
Co-Chair: Murase, HiroshiNagoya Univ.
11:20-11:40, Paper TuBT4.1 
Multi-Modal Fusion Based on Classifiers Using Reject Options and Markov Fusion Networks
Glodek, MichaelUniv. of Ulm
Schels, MartinUniv. of Ulm
Palm, GüntherUniv. of Ulm
Schwenker, FriedhelmUniv. of Ulm
11:40-12:00, Paper TuBT4.2 
Accuracy of a High-Level, Loss-Tolerant Video Fingerprint for Surveillance Authentication
Ren, YansongAlcatel-lucent
O'Gorman, LawrenceAlcatel-Lucent Bell Lab.
12:00-12:20, Paper TuBT4.3 
A Machine Learning System for Human-In-The-Loop Video Surveillance
Vural, UlasGebze Inst. of Tech.
Akgul, Yusuf SinanGebze Inst. of Tech.
12:20-12:40, Paper TuBT4.4 
2D Images Map Warping for Improved User Interaction
Borghesani, DanieleUniv. degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Grana, CostantinoUniv. degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Cucchiara, RitaUniv. degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
12:40-13:00, Paper TuBT4.5 
Bi-Modal Authentication in Mobile Environments Using Session Variability Modelling
Motlicek, PetrIdiap Res. Inst.
El Shafey, LaurentIdiap, EPFL
Wallace, RoyIdiap Res. Inst.
McCool, Christopher StevenIdiap Res. Inst.
Marcel, SebastienIDIAP Res. Inst.
TuBT5 Hall 300
Face Analysis Regular Session
Chair: Sim, TerenceNational Univ. of Singapore
Co-Chair: Morishima, ShigeoWaseda Univ.
11:20-11:40, Paper TuBT5.1 
3D Dynamic Expression Recognition Based on a Novel Deformation Vector Field and Random Forest
Drira, HassenLIFL (UMR Lille1/CNRS8022), Univ. de Lille1
Ben Amor, BoulbabaLIFL UMR 8022
Daoudi, MohamedTELECOM Lille1
Srivastava, AnujFlorida State Univ.
Berretti, StefanoUniv. of Firenze
11:40-12:00, Paper TuBT5.2 
Posed and Spontaneous Expression Distinguishment from Infrared Thermal Images
Liu, ZhileiUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
Wang, ShangfeiUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
12:00-12:20, Paper TuBT5.3 
Learning Global Cost Function for Face Alignment
Bailly, KevinUPMC Paris 6 - CNRS
Milgram, MauriceUPMC
Phothisane, PhilippeUPMC
Bigorgne, ErwanEikeo
12:20-12:40, Paper TuBT5.4 
A Ranking Model for Face Alignment with Pseudo Census Transform
Gao, HuaKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
Ekenel, Hazim KemalKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
Stiefelhagen, RainerKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. & Fraunhofer IOSB,Karlsruhe
12:40-13:00, Paper TuBT5.5 
Audio-Visual Data Association for Face Expression Analysis
Tawari, AshishUniv. of California, San Diego
Trivedi, MohanUniv. of California, San Diego
TuPSBT1 Main Hall
Poster Shotgun (05): PR Regular Session
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.1 
Emotion Recognition Modeling of Sitting Postures by Using Pressure Sensors and Accelerometers
Shibata, TatsuyaTokyo Denki Univ.
Kijima, YoheiTokyo Denki Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.2 
A Combined Method for Finding Best Starting Points for Optimisation in Bernoulli Mixture Models
Frouzesh, FaezehVictoria Univ. of Wellington
Pledger, ShirleyVictoria Univ. of Wellington
Hirose, YuichiVictoria Univ. of Wellington
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.3 
Road Marking Recognition for Map Generation Using Sparse Tensor Voting
Ishida, HiroyukiTOYOTA Central R&D Lab. Inc.
Kidono, KiyosumiTOYOTA Central R&D Lab. Inc.
Kojima, YoshikoTOYOTA Central R&D Lab. Inc
Naito, TakashiTOYOTA Central R&D Lab. Inc.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.4 
Efficient Feature Selection for Linear Discriminant Analysis and Its Application to Face Recognition
Lei, ZhenInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Liao, ShengcaiInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Li, Stan Z.-CASIA
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.5 
PCA Feature Extraction for Change Detection in Multidimensional Unlabelled Streaming Data
Kuncheva, Ludmila I.Bangor Univ.
Faithfull, William JBangor Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.6 
Driving Support Based on Behavior Detection of Vehicle
Minoura, KazumaNagoya Univ.
Watanabe, ToyohideNagoya Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.7 
Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition with Boosted Coupled HMM
Lu, KunBeijing Inst. of Tech.
Jia, YundeBeijing Inst. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.8 
Realtime Object Matching with Robust Dominant Orientation Templates
Chaoqun, HongXiamen Univ. of Tech.
Jianke, ZhuZhejiang Univ.
Song, MingliZhejiang Univ.
Wang, YintingZhejiang Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.9 
Does One Rotten Apple Spoil the Whole Barrel?
Cheplygina, VeronikaDelft Univ. of Tech.
Tax, DavidDelft Univ. of Tech.
Loog, MarcoDelft Univ. of Tech. / Univ. of Copenhagen
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.10 
Learning Weighted Features for Human Action Recognition
Zhou, WenInst. of automation, Chinese Acad. of sciences
Wang, ChunhengInst. of Automation Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Xiao, BaihuaInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Zhang, ZhongInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Ma, LongInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences, China
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.11 
Topological Features and Iterative Node Elimination for Speeding up Subgraph Isomorphism Detection
Dahm, NicholasNational ICT Australia
Bunke, HorstUniv. of Bern
Caelli, TerryNational ICT Australia
Gao, YongshengGriffith Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.12 
Active Transfer Learning for Multi-View Head-Pose Classification
Yan, YanUniv. of Trento
Subramanian, RamanathanUniv. of Trento
Lanz, OswaldFondazione Bruno Kessler - irst
Sebe, NicuUniv. of Trento
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.13 
Modeling and Identification of Group Motion Via Compound Evaluation of Positional and Directional Cues
Yucel, ZeynepATR
Miyashita, TakahiroATR
Hagita, NorihiroATR
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.14 
Nonparametric Online Background Generation for Surveillance Video
Zhang, RuiQueen's Univ. Canada
Gong, WeiguoChongqing Univ. China
Yaworski, AndrewQueen's Univ.
Greenspan, MichaelQueen's Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.15 
Dynamical Ensemble Learning with Model Friendly Classification
Tu, WentingEast China Normal Univ.
Sun, ShiliangEast China Normal Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.16 
Sliced Inverse Regression with Conditional Entropy Minimization
Hino, HideitsuWaseda Univ.
Wakayama, KeigoWaseda Univ.
Murata, NoboruWaseda Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.17 
An Improved Entropy-Based Multiple Kernel Learning
Hino, HideitsuWaseda Univ.
Ogawa, TetsujiWaseda Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.18 
Transfer Heterogeneous Unlabeled Data for Unsupervised Clustering
Kong, ShuZhejiang Univ.
Wang, DonghuiZhejiang Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.19 
Effectively Localize Text in Natural Scene Images
Liu, XiaoqianGraduate Univ. of Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Lu, KeGraduate Univ. of Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Wang, WeiqiangGraduate Univ. of Chinese Acad. of Sciences
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.20 
Wonder Ears: Identification of Identical Twins from Ear Images
Nejati, HosseinNational Univ. of Singapore, School ofComputing,Department
Zhang, LiNational Univ. of Singapore
Sim, TerenceNational Univ. of Singapore
Martinez-Marroquin, ElisaLa Salle School of Engineering – Ramon Llull Univ.
Dong, GuoFacebook Inc.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.21 
Unsupervised Discriminative Feature Selection in a Kernel Space Via L2, 1-Norm Minimization
Liu, YangPeking Univ.
Wang, YizhouNational Engineering Lab. for Video Tech. Key Lab. of Machi
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.22 
Model-Based Feature Refinement by Ellipsoidal Face Tracking
Jung, Sung-UkETRI
Nixon, MarkUniv. of Southampton
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.23 
Discriminative Metric: Schatten Norm vs. Vector Norm
Gu, ZhenghongStateUniversity of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo
Shao, MingUniv. at Buffalo
Li, LiangyueUniv. at Buffalo
Fu, YunSUNY at Buffalo
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.24 
Localization and Extraction of the Four Clock-Digits Using the Knowledge of the Digital Video Clock
Yu, XinguoThe Central China Normal Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.25 
Insect Species Recognition Using Discriminative Local Soft Coding
Lu, AnInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Liu, Cheng-LinInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Hou, XinwenInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Chen, XiaoLinInst. of Zoology, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.26 
Advanced Ridge Flux Analysis for Fingerprint Minutiae Detection
Ohtsuka, TomohikoTokyo National Coll. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.27 
Fast Approximated Relational and Kernel Clustering
Schleif, Frank-MichaelUniv. of Bielefeld
Zhu, XibinUniv. of Bielefeld
Gisbrecht, AndrejUniv. of Bielefeld
Hammer, BarbaraUniv. of Bielefeld
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.28 
Speeding up Optimum-Path Forest Training by Path-Cost Propagation
Iwashita, AdrianaSao Paulo State Univ.
Papa, Joao PauloSao Paulo State Univ. - UNESP
Falcao, Alexandre XavierState Univ. of Campinas
Lotufo, RobertoUniv. of Campinas
Oliveira, Victor MatheusUniv. of Campinas
Albuquerque, Victor Hugo CostaUniv. of Fortaleza
Tavares, Joao Manuel R. S.Faculdade de Engenharia da Univ. do Porto
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.29 
Incoherent Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation
Lin, TongPeking Univ.
Liu, ShiPeking Univ.
Zha, HongbinPeking Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.30 
Similarity Weighted Sparse Representation for Classification
Guo, SongInst. of Information Science, BeijingJiaotongUniversity
Ruan, QiuqiBeijing Jiaotong Univ.
Miao, ZhenjiangInst. of Information Science, Beijing Jiaotong Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.31 
Occluded Human Action Analysis Using Dynamic Manifold Model
Chen, Li-ChihYuan-Ze Univ.
Hsieh, Jun-Wei-National Taiwan Ocean Univ.
Chuang, Chi-HungFo Guang Univ.
Chen, Duan-YuYuan-Ze Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.32 
Face Verification Using Temporal Affective Cues
Ng, Ee SinInst. for Infocomm Res.
Chia, Yong Sang AlexInst. for Infocomm Res.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.33 
Graph-Based Dimensionality Reduction for KNN-Based Image Annotation
Liu, XiFujitsu Res. & Development Center Co., LTD
Liu, RujieFujitsu Res. & Development Center
Li, FeiFujitsu Res. & Development Center Co., Ltd.
Cao, QiongFujitsu Res. & Development Center Co., Ltd.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.34 
Age Classification in Unconstrained Conditions Using LBP Variants
Ylioinas, Juha SakariUniv. of Oulu, Center for Machine Vision Res.
Hadid, AbdenourUniv. of OULU
Pietikäinen, MattiUniv. of Oulu
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.35 
Classification Using Graph Partitioning
Valev, VentzeslavInst. of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Acad. Sc
Yanev, NicolaUniv. of Sofia and Inst. of Mathematics and Informatics
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.36 
Metric Learning by Directly Minimizing the K-NN Training Error
Chernoff, KonstantinUniv. of Copenhagen
Loog, MarcoDelft Univ. of Tech. / Univ. of Copenhagen
Nielsen, MadsUniv. of Copenhagen
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.37 
Fast-Accurate 3D Face Model Generation Using a Single Video Camera
Hara, TomoyaWaseda Univ.
Kubo, HiroyukiWaseda Univ.
Maejima, AkinobuWaseda Univ.
Morishima, ShigeoWaseda Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.38 
Robust Car License Plate Recognition System Verified with 163, 574 Images Captured in Fields
Taniyama, KazuhikoMitsubishi Precision Co.,Ltd.
Hayashi, KentaroMitsubishi Precision Co.,Ltd.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.39 
Searching for the Optimal Ordering of Classes in Rule Induction
Ata, SezinIşık Univ.
Yildiz, Olcay TanerIsik Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.40 
Inverse Biometrics: A Case Study in Hand Geometry Authentication
Gomez-Barrero, MartaUniv. Autonoma de Madrid
Galbally, JavierUniv. Autonoma de Madrid
Morales, AythamiUniv. de las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Ferrer, M.A.Univ. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Fierrez, JulianUniv. Autonoma de Madrid
Ortega-Garcia, JavierUniv. Autonoma de Madrid
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.41 
An Alternative to IDF: Effective Scoring for Accurate Image Retrieval with Non-Parametric Density Ratio Estimation
Uchida, YusukeKDDI R&D Lab. Inc.
Takagi, KoichiKDDI R&D Lab. Inc.
Sakazawa, ShigeyukiKDDI R&D Lab. Inc.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.42 
Compound Color Recognition Via Image Analysis on High-Throughput Compound Libraries
von Korff, ModestActelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Freyss, JoelActelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Klenk, AxelActelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Silva, JoaoActelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Bourquin, GeoffroyActelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Peter, OliverActelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Sander, ThomasActelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.43 
Face Recognition Using Semi-Supervised Spectral Feature Selection
Zhang, ZhihongUniv. of York
Hancock, EdwinUniv. of York
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.44 
Interactive Graph Matching by Means of Imposing the Pairwise Costs
Serratosa, FrancescUniv. Rovira i Virgili
Cortés, XavierUniv. Rovira i Virgili
Solé-Ribalta, AlbertUniv. Rovira i Virgili
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.45 
A New Feature and Associated Optimal Spatial Filter for EEG Signal Classification: Waveform Length
Lotte, FabienInria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.46 
Unsupervised Online Learning Trajectory Analysis Based on Weighted Directed Graph
Shen, YuanBeijing Jiaotong Univ.
Miao, ZhenjiangInst. of Information Science, Beijing Jiaotong Univ.
Zhang, JianUniv. of Tech. Sydney
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT1.47 
A One-Per-Class Reconstruction Rule for Class Imbalance Learning
D'Ambrosio, RobertoUniv. Campus Bio-Medico of Rome
Iannello, GiulioUniv. Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
Soda, PaoloUniv. Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
TuPSBT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Poster Shotgun (06): CV Regular Session
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.1 
Moving Objects Detection Using Freely Moving Depth Sensing Camera
Shin, Yong-DeukKITECH
Park, Jae-HanKITECH
Jang, Ga-RamKorea Inst. of Industrial Tech.
Baeg, Moon-HongKITECH
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.2 
Optimizing a Triangular Mesh by Separately Dealing with Incorrectness of Two Patches
Murata, KazuhiroToyohashi Univ. of Tech.
Sugaya, YasuyukiToyohashi Univ. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.3 
Multi-Modal Abnormality Detection in Video with Unknown Data Segmentation
Nguyen, Tien-VuDeakin Univ.
Phung, DinhDeakin Univ.
Rana, SantuDeakin Univ.
Pham, Duc-SonCurtin Univ.
Venkatesh, SvethaCurtin Univ. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.4 
Extraction of Light and Specific Features for Historical Image Indexing and Matching
Coustaty, MickaëlUniv. of La Rochelle
Uttama, SurapongSchool of Information Tech. Mae Fah Luang Univ.
Ogier, Jean-MarcUniv. de la Rochelle
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.5 
Implementation of Gestalt Principles for Object Segmentation
Richtsfeld, AndreasVienna Univ. of Tech.
Zillich, MichaelVienna Univ. of Tech.
Vincze, MarkusTU Wien
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.6 
Mask-Edge Connectivity: Theory, Computation, and Application to Historical Document Analysis
Wilkinson, Michael H.F.Univ. of Groningen
Oosterbroek, JaapUniv. of Groningen
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.7 
Type-2 Fuzzy Labeled Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Human Action Categorization
Cao, Xiao-QinCity Univ. of Hong Kong
Liu, Zhi-QiangCity Univ. of Hong Kong
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.8 
Lightweight Random Ferns Using Binary Representation
Lee, SuwonKAIST
Lee, Sang-WookKAIST
Chae, Yeong NamKAIST
Yang, Hyun SeungKAIST
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.9 
Image Annotation Using Adapted Gaussian Mixture Model
Tsuboshita, YukihiroFuji Xerox. Co. Ltd.
Kato, NorijiFuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Fukui, MotofumiFuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Okada, MasatoThe Univ. of Tokyo
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.10 
Object Tracking with L2-RLS
Xiao, ZiyangDalian Univ. of Tech.
Lu, Hu-chuanDalian Univ. of Tech.
Wang, DongDepartment of Electronic Engineering
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.11 
Direct Imaging with Printed Microlens Arrays
Varjo, Sami Juha OlaviUniv. of Oulu, The Center for Machine Vision Res.
Hannuksela, JariUniv. of Oulu
Silvén, Olli JohannesUniv. of Oulu
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.12 
2D Shape Recognition Using Biological Sequence Alignment Tools
Bicego, ManueleUniv. of Verona
Lovato, PietroUniv. of Verona
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.13 
BSIF: Binarized Statistical Image Features
Kannala, JuhoUniv. of Oulu
Rahtu, EsaUniv. of Oulu
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.14 
Robust Segmentation for Multiple Planar Surface Extraction in Laser Scanning 3D Point Cloud Data
Nurunnabi, AbdulCurtin Univ.
Belton, DavidCurtin Univ.
West, GeoffCurtin Univ. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.15 
Evaluation of Color Spaces for Person Re-Identification
Du, YuningTsinghua Univ.
Ai, HaizhouTsinghua Univ. China
Lao, ShihongOMRON Social Solutions Co., LTD
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.16 
A Framework of Three-Dimensional Object Recognition Which Needs Only a Few Reference Images
Yabushita, HirokoNTT Cyber Space Lab.
Shimamura, JunNTT Corp.
Morimoto, MasashiNTT Corp.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.17 
Urban Traffic Monitoring from Aerial LIDAR Data with a Two-Level Marked Point Process Model
Börcs, AttilaMTA SZTAKI
Benedek, CsabaComputer and Automation Res. Inst. Hungarian
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.18 
Feature Shift Detection
Glazer, AssafTech. - Inst. of Tech.
Lindenbaum, MichaelTech.
Markovitch, ShaulTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.19 
CMV100: A Dataset for People Tracking and Re-Identification in Sparse Camera Networks
Takala, ValtteriUniv. of Oulu
Pietikäinen, MattiUniv. of Oulu
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.20 
Restoring Illumination and View Dependent Data from Sparse Samples
Filip, JiriInst. of Information Theory and Automation of the AS CR
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.21 
3D Descriptor for People Re-Identification
Oliver, JavierUniv. Pol. Valencia
Albiol, AntonioUniv. Pol. Valencia
Albiol, AlbertoUniv. Pol. Valencia
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.22 
Scale-Invariant Sampling for Supervised Image Segmentation
Li, YanDelft Univ. of Tech.
Loog, MarcoDelft Univ. of Tech. / Univ. of Copenhagen
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.23 
Symmetric Object Detection Based on Symmetry and Centripetal-SIFT Edge Descriptor
Xiang, YinColl. of Electrical and Information Engineering, Hunan Univ.
Li, ShutaoHunan Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.24 
An Effective Regional Saliency Model Based on Extended Site Entropy Rate
Huang, YanInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Wang, WeiNational Lab. of Pattern Recognition
Wang, LiangThe Univ. of Melbourne
Tan, Tieniucasia
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.25 
A 3D Gesture Recognition Framework Based on Hierarchical Visual Attention and Perceptual Organization Models
Hu, GangDalhousie Univ.
Gao, QigangDalhousie Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.26 
Fully Automatic Face Recognition from 3D Videos
Hayat, MunawarThe Univ. of Western Australia
Bennamoun, MohammedThe Univ. of Western Australia
El-Sallam, AmarThe Univ. of Western Australia
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.27 
Object Categorization Based on Hierarchical Learning
Xia, TianUniv. of Macau
Tang, YuanYanUniv. of Macao
Wei, YantaoHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Li, HongHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Li, LuoqingHubei Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.28 
Corner-Surround Contrast for Saliency Detection
Zhou, QuanHuazhong Univ. of Science andTechnology,Wuhan,ChinaP.R.
Li, Nianyihuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Yang, YiHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Chen, Panhuazhong Univ. of science and Tech. the department of
Liu, WenyuHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.29 
A Multi-Layer Phase Field Model for Extracting Multiple Near-Circular Objects
Molnar, CsabaUniv. of Szeged
Kato, ZoltanUniv. of Szeged
Jermyn, IanINRIA
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.30 
Group Sparse Representation of Adaptive Sub-Domain Selection for Image Classification
Han, Xian-HuaRitsumeikan Univ.
Qiao, XuRitsumeikan Univ.
Chen, Yen-weiRitsumeikan Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.31 
Daylight Spectrum Model under Weather Conditions from Clear Sky to Cloudy
Kaneko, EijiNEC Corp.
Toda, MasatoNEC Corp.
Aoki, HirofumiNEC Corp.
Tsukada, MasatoNEC Corp.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.32 
A Simple and Effective Extrinsic Calibration Method of a Camera and a Single Line Scanning Lidar
Yang, HengQueen Mary Univ. of London
Liu, XiaolinNational Univ. of Defense Tech.
Patras, IoannisQueen Mary Univ. of London
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.33 
3-D Recovery of a Non-Rigid Object from a Single Camera View by Piecewise Recovery and Synthesis
Ishikawa, ShotaKyushu Inst. of Tech.
Tan, Joo KooiKyushu Inst. of Tech.
Kim, HyoungseopKyushu Inst. of Tech.
Ishikawa, SeijiKyushu Inst. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.34 
Online Random Ferns for Robust Visual Tracking
Rao, CongHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Yao, CongHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Bai, XiangHuazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech.
Qiu, WeichaoHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Liu, WenyuHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.35 
Coupled 3D Tracking and Pose Optimization of Rigid Objects Using Particle Filte
Yang, HengQueen Mary Univ. of London
Zhang, YueqiangNational Univ. of Defense Tech.
Liu, XiaolinNational Univ. of Defense Tech.
Patras, IoannisQueen Mary Univ. of London
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.36 
Action Recognition Based on Spatial-Temporal Pyramid Sparse Coding
Zhang, XiaojingTianjin Univ.
Zhang, HuaTianjin Univ.
Cao, XiaochunTianjin Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.37 
Adjacent Coding for Image Classification
Wang, YuemingHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Wang, XinggangHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Zhu, ShaojunHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Bai, XiangHuazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech.
Liu, WenyuHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.38 
Grassmann Manifold Online Learning and Partial Occlusion Handling for Visual Object Tracking under Bayesian Formulation
Gu, Irene Yu-HuaChalmers Univ. of Tech.
Khan, ZulfiqarChalmers Univ. of Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.39 
Improved Generic Categorical Object Detection Fusing Depth Cue with 2D Appearance and Shape Features
Pan, HongSchool of Automation, Southeast Univ.
Zhu, YapingSchool of`Information Engineering, Communication Univ. of C
Xia, SiyuSoutheast Univ.
Qin, KaiINRIA Grenoble Rhone-Alpes
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.40 
Learning Statistically Relevant Edge Structure Improves Low-Level Visual Descriptors
Tabernik, DomenUniv. of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer andInformationScien
Kristan, MatejUniv. of Ljubljana
Boben, MarkoUniv. of Ljubljana, FRI
Leonardis, AlesUniv. of Ljubljana
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.41 
A Fast and Effective Appearance Model-Based Particle Filtering Object Tracking Algorithm
Yao, ZhijunHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Zhou, YuHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Liu, JuntaoDepartment of Electronics and Information Engineering HuaZhong U
Liu, WenyuHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.42 
Kernel Homotopy Based Sparse Representation for Object Classification
Kang, CuicuiInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Liao, ShengcaiInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Xiang, ShimingInst. ofAutomation,Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Pan, ChunhongInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.43 
A Robust Person Detector for Overhead Views
Ahmed, ImranUniv. of Southampton
Carter, JohnUniv. of Southampton
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.44 
Coded Aperture for Projector and Camera for Robust 3d Measurement
Kawasaki, HiroshiKagoshima Univ.
Horita, YuukiKagoshima Univ.
Morinaga, HirokiKagoshima Univ.
Matugano, YuukiKagoshima Univ.
Kimura, MakotoCompany
Takane, YasuoSamsung Yokohama Res. Inst. Co.,Ltd.
Ono, SatoshiKagoshima Univ.
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.45 
Area-Weighted Surface Normals for 3D Object Recognition
Petricek, TomasCzech Tech. Univ. in Prague
Svoboda, TomasCzech Tech. Univ. Faculty of Electrical Engineering
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.46 
Edge Classification Using Photo-Geometric Features
Gonfaus, Josep M.CVC - UAB
Gevers, TheoUniv. of Amsterdam
Gijsenij, ArjanAlten PTS
Roca, F. XavierComputer Vision Center - Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona
Gonzalez, JordiCentre de Visio per Computador, Univ. AutònomadeBarcelona
14:00-14:30, Paper TuPSBT2.47 
Shape Reconstruction with Globally-Optimized Surface Point Selection
Ukita, NorimichiNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Matsuda, KazukiNAIST
Hagita, NorihiroATR
TuCT1 Main Hall
Invited Talk Session-II Regular Session
Chair: Cucchiara, RitaUniv. degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
14:30-15:10, Paper TuCT1.1 
Interest Points Detectors and Descriptors in Image Recognition (Invited Talk)
Mikolajczyk, KrystianUniv. of Surrey
15:10-15:30, Paper TuCT1.2 
Group Encoding of Local Features in Image Classification
Wu, ZifengInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Huang, YongzhenInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Wang, LiangInst. of Automation, Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Tan, Tieniucasia
15:30-15:50, Paper TuCT1.3 
Bag-Of-Multimedia-Words for Image Classification
Znaidia, AmelCommissariat à l'énergie atomique (CEA)
Shabou, AymenCommissariat à l'énergie atomique (CEA)
Le Borgne, HervéCommissariat à l'énergie atomique (CEA)
Hudelot, CélineEc. Centrale de Paris
Paragios, NikosEc. Centrale de Paris
15:50-16:10, Paper TuCT1.4 
Bag-Of-Feature-Graphs: A New Paradigm for Non-Rigid Shape Retrieval
Hou, TingboStony Brook Univ.
Hou, XiaohuaStony Brook Univ.
Zhong, MingStony Brook Univ.
Qin, HongStony Brook Univ.
TuCT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Speech, Audio and Signal Processing Regular Session
Chair: Yamasaki, ToshihikoThe Univ. of Tokyo
Co-Chair: de Sorbier, FrancoisKeio Univ.
14:30-14:50, Paper TuCT2.1 
An Improved EEMD Model for Feature Extraction and Classification of Gunshot in Public Places
Zhang, ZhilongChongqing Univ.
Li, WeihongChongqing Univ. China
Gong, WeiguoChongqing Univ. China
Zhong, JianhuaChongqing Metro Corp.
14:50-15:10, Paper TuCT2.2 
An Adaptive Unsupervised Clustering of Pronunciation Errors for Automatic Pronunciation Error Detection
Zhang, LongHarbin Inst. of Tech.
Li, HaifengHarbin Inst. of Tech.
Ma, LinHarbin Inst. of Tech.
15:10-15:30, Paper TuCT2.3 
Automatic Musical Genre Classification Using Sparsity-Eager Support Vector Machines
Aryafar, KameliaDrexel Univ.
Jafarpour, SinaYahoo! Res.
Shokoufandeh, AliDrexel Univ.
15:30-15:50, Paper TuCT2.4 
Layer-Finding in Radar Echograms Using Probabilistic Graphical Models
Crandall, DavidIndiana Univ.
Fox, GeoffreyIndiana Univ.
Paden, JohnUniv. of Kansas
15:50-16:10, Paper TuCT2.5 
Combining Text and Prosodic Analysis for Prominent Word Detection
Ajmera, JitendraIBM Res. India
Deshmukh, Om DIBM Res.
TuCT3 Room 101+102
Clustering Regular Session
Chair: Shimada, NobutakaRitsumeikan Univ.
Co-Chair: Su, FeiBeijingUniversityofPostsandTelecommunications,Beijing,China
14:30-14:50, Paper TuCT3.1 
Feature Learning Using Generalized Extreme Value Distribution Based K-Means Clustering
Li, ZeyuUC Berkeley
Vinyals, OriolUC Berkeley
Baker, HarlynHP Lab.
Bajcsy, Ruzena-UC Berkeley
14:50-15:10, Paper TuCT3.2 
Supporting Ground-Truth Annotation of Image Datasets Using Clustering
Boom, Bastiaan JohannesUniv. of Edinburgh
Huang, Phoenix, XuanUniv. of Edinburgh
He, JiyinCWI
Fisher, RobertUniv. of Edinburgh
15:10-15:30, Paper TuCT3.3 
Robust Motion Segmentation Via Refined Sparse Subspace Clustering
Su, FeiBeijingUniversityofPostsandTelecommunications,Beijing,China
15:30-15:50, Paper TuCT3.4 
Multi-Way Constrained Spectral Clustering by Nonnegative Restriction
Hu, HanTsinghua Univ.
Zhou, JiahuanTsinghua Univ.
Feng, JianjiangTsinghua Univ.
Zhou, JieTsinghua Univ.
TuCT4 Hall 200
Layout Analysis Regular Session
Chair: Lopresti, DanielLehigh Univ.
Co-Chair: Pal, UmapadaIndian Statistical Inst.
14:30-14:50, Paper TuCT4.1 
Learning the Characteristics of Critical Cells from Web Tables
Nagy, GeorgeRPI
14:50-15:10, Paper TuCT4.2 
Learning Document Structure for Retrieval and Classification
Kumar, JayantUniv. of Maryland Coll. Park
Ye, PengUniv. of Maryland, Coll. Park
Doermann, DavidUniv. of Maryland
15:10-15:30, Paper TuCT4.3 
Document Segmentation Using Relative Location Features
Cruz Fernandez, FranciscoUniv. Autònoma de Barcelona - Computer Vision Center
Ramos Terrades, OriolUniv. Autònma de Barcelona - Computer Vision Centre
15:30-15:50, Paper TuCT4.4 
A Graph-Based Method of Newspaper Article Reconstruction
Gao, LiangcaiPeking Univ.
Tang, ZhiPeking Univ.
Lin, XiaoyanPeking Univ.
Wang, YongtaoPeking Univ.
15:50-16:10, Paper TuCT4.5 
Graph Based Line Segmentation on Cluttered Handwritten Manuscripts
Wahlberg, FredrikUppsala Univ.
Brun, AndersCentre for Image Analysis, Swedish Univ. of agricultural sc
TuCT5 Hall 300
Face Recognition-I Regular Session
Chair: Fukui, KazuhiroUniv. of Tsukuba
Co-Chair: Shi, Bertram EmilDept. of Ec. HKUST
14:30-14:50, Paper TuCT5.1 
Hyperspectral Face Recognition Using 3D Gabor Wavelets
Shen, LinlinShenzhen Univ.
Zheng, SonghaoShenzhen Univ.
14:50-15:10, Paper TuCT5.2 
Efficient and Robust Integration of Face Detection and Head Pose Estimation
Jiang, FeijunDept. of Ec. HKUST
Shi, Bertram EmilDept. of Ec. HKUST
Ekenel, Hazim KemalKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
15:10-15:30, Paper TuCT5.3 
Expressive Deformation Profiles for Cross Expression Face Recognition
Zhang, LiNational Univ. of Singapore
Ye, NingBioinformatics Inst.
Martinez-Marroquin, ElisaLa Salle School of Engineering – Ramon Llull Univ.
Sim, TerenceNational Univ. of Singapore
15:30-15:50, Paper TuCT5.4 
Locality-Regularized Linear Regression for Face Recognition
Brown, DouglasGriffith Univ.
Li, HanxiNICTA
Gao, YongshengGriffith Univ.
15:50-16:10, Paper TuCT5.5 
Illumination Suppression for Illumination Invariant Face Recognition
Baradarani, AryazUniv. of Windsor
Wu, Q. M. JonathanUniv. of Windsor
Ahmadi, MajidUniv. of Windsor
TuPBT6 Room 201+202
Poster Session (05, 06) Poster Session
TuDT1 Main Hall
Image and Shape Features Regular Session
Chair: Babaguchi, NoboruOsaka Univ.
16:50-17:10, Paper TuDT1.1 
Shape Signature Using the Edge-Based Laplacian
Aziz, FurqanUniv. of York
Wilson, RichardUniv. of York
Hancock, EdwinUniv. of York
17:10-17:30, Paper TuDT1.2 
Aligning Bags of Shape Contexts for Blurred Shape Model Based Symbol Classification
Battiato, SebastianoUniv. of Catania
Farinella, Giovanni MariaUniv. of Catania
Giudice, OliverUniv. of Catania
Puglisi, GiovanniUniv. of Catania
17:30-17:50, Paper TuDT1.3 
Shape Similarity Based on Combinatorial Maps and a Tree Pattern Kernel
Bougleux, SébastienUniv. de Caen Basse-Normandie
Dupé, François-XavierGREYC
Gaüzère, BenoitUniv. de Caen, CNRS UMR 6072, GREYC, ENSICAEN
Brun, MyriamUniv. de Caen, CNRS UMR 6072, GREYC, ENSICAEN
17:50-18:10, Paper TuDT1.4 
Weighted Collaborative Representation and Classification of Images
Timofte, RaduCatholic Univ. of Leuven
Van Gool, LucETH Zurich and Univ. of Leuven
18:10-18:30, Paper TuDT1.5 
Attribute Rating for Classification of Visual Objects
Kim, JongpilRutgers, The State Univ. of New Jersey
Pavlovic, VladimirRutgers Univ.
TuDT2 Multi-Purpose Hall
Medical and Bio-Inspired Image Processing Regular Session
Chair: Lee, Hwee KuanBioinformatics Inst. (BII), Agency for Science,Tech. and Res. (A-STAR)
Co-Chair: Chang, Hua-wenSichuan Univ.
16:50-17:10, Paper TuDT2.1 
An Improved Automatic Gridding Method for Cdna Microarray Images
Shao, GuifangXiamen Univ.
Wang, TingnaDepartment of Automation, Xiamen Univ.
Chen, ZhigangDepartment of Automation, Xiamen Univ.
Huang, YushuDepartment of Automation, Xiamen Univ.
Wen, YuhuaDepartment of Pysics, Xiamen Univ.
17:30-17:50, Paper TuDT2.3 
Sparse Feature Fidelity for Image Quality Assessment
Chang, Hua-wenSichuan Univ.
Wang, Ming-huiSichuan Univ.
Chen, Shu-qingSichuan Univ.
Yang, HuaSichuan Univ.
Huang, Zu-jianChengdu Aeronautic Vocational and Tech. Coll.
17:50-18:10, Paper TuDT2.4 
Segmentation of Neural Stem CellsNeurospheres in Unevenly Illuminated Brightfield Images with Shading Reduction
Xiong, WeiInst. for Infocomm Res. A-STAR
Chia, Shue ChingInst. for Infocomm Res.
Lim, Joo-HweeInst. for Infocomm Res.
Lee, Hwee KuanBioinformatics Inst. (BII), Agency for Science,Tech. an
Sankaran, ShvethaIMB
Ahmed, SohailInst. of Medical Biology
18:10-18:30, Paper TuDT2.5 
2D-GE Image Analysis Focusing on Elimination of Spurious Spots
Kostopoulou, EiriniUniv. of Athens, Greece
Zacharia, EleniUniv. of Athens
Maroulis, DimitrisUniv. of Athens
Vlahou, AntoniaBiomedical Res. Foundation of the Acad. of Athens
TuDT3 Room 101+102
Statistical Pattern Recognition Regular Session
Chair: Onishi, MasakiNationalInstituteofAdvancedIndustrialScienceandTechnology(A IST)
Co-Chair: Loog, MarcoDelft Univ. of Tech. / Univ. of Copenhagen
16:50-17:10, Paper TuDT3.1 
Bayesian Feature Selection and Model Detection for Student’s T-Mixture Distributions
Zhang, HuiUniv. of Windsor, Canada
Wu, JonathanUOW
Nguyen, Thanh MinhUniv. of Windsor
17:10-17:30, Paper TuDT3.2 
Regional Zernike Moments for Texture Recognition
Sintorn, Ida-MariaSwedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences
Kylberg, GustafUppsala Univ. and Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Scienc
17:30-17:50, Paper TuDT3.3 
Combining Multi-Scale Dissimilarities for Image Classification
Li, YanDelft Univ. of Tech.
Duin, RobertTU Delft
Loog, MarcoDelft Univ. of Tech. / Univ. of Copenhagen
17:50-18:10, Paper TuDT3.4 
Sampling Graphs from a Probabilistic Generative Model
Han, LinTHE Univ. OF YORK
Wilson, RichardUniv. of York
Hancock, EdwinUniv. of York
Bai, Luthe Univ. of York
Ren, PengChina Univ. of Petroleum (Huadong)
18:10-18:30, Paper TuDT3.5 
Convex Support and Relevance Vector Machines for Selective Multimodal Pattern Recognition
Seredin, OlegTula State Univ.
Mottl, VadimComputing Center of the Russian Acad. of Sciences
Tatarchuk, AlexanderComputing Center of the Russian Acad. of Sciences
Razin, NikolayMoscow Inst. of Physics and Tech.
Windridge, DavidUniv. of Surrey
TuDT4 Hall 200
Document Analysis Systems Regular Session
Chair: Dengel, AndreasGerman Res. Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
Co-Chair: Sun, JunFujitsu R&D Center Co., LTD
16:50-17:10, Paper TuDT4.1 
Print Biometrics: Recovering Forensic Signatures Form Halftones
Pollard, StephenHewlett Packard Lab.
Simske, StevenHewlett Packard Lab.
Adams, GuyHewlett Packard Lab.
17:10-17:30, Paper TuDT4.2 
Font Identification – in Context of an Indic Script
Chanda, SukalpaGJØVIK Univ. Coll.
Pal, UmapadaIndian Statistical Inst.
Franke, KatrinGjøvik Univ. Coll.
17:30-17:50, Paper TuDT4.3 
Ensemble Symbol Recognition with Hough Forest
Su, FengNanjing Univ.
Yang, LiNanjing Univ.
Lu, TongState Key Lab. for Software Tech. Nanjing Univ.
17:50-18:10, Paper TuDT4.4 
Combination of Product Graph and Random Walk Kernel for Symbol Spotting in Graphical Documents
Dutta, AnjanComputer Vision Centre, Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona
Gibert, JaumeComputer Vision Center, Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona
Llados, JosepComputer Vision Center
Bunke, HorstUniv. of Bern
Pal, UmapadaIndian Statistical Inst.
18:10-18:30, Paper TuDT4.5 
Semi-Automated OCR Database Generation for Nabataean Scripts
Ul-Hasan, AdnanTech. Univ. of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Bukhari, Syed SaqibTech. Univ. of Kaiserslautern
Rashid, Sheikh FaisalTech. Univ. of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Shafait, FaisalGerman Res. Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
Breuel, ThomasUniv. of kaiserslautern
TuDT5 Hall 300
Face Recognition-II Regular Session
Chair: Sato, AtsushiNEC
Co-Chair: Tistarelli, MassimoUniv. of Sassari
16:50-17:10, Paper TuDT5.1 
Joint Dynamic Sparse Learning and Its Application to Multi-View Face Recognition
Zhang, HaichaoNorthwestern Pol. Univ.
Zhang, YanningNorthwestern Pol. Univ.
Nasrabadi, NasserUS Army Res. Lab.
Huang, ThomasUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
17:10-17:30, Paper TuDT5.2 
Optimal Metric Selection for Improved Multi-Pose Face Recognition with Group Information
Zhang, XinCurtin Univ.
Pham, Duc-SonCurtin Univ.
Liu, WanquanCurtin Univ. of Tech.
Venkatesh, SvethaCurtin Univ. of Tech.
17:30-17:50, Paper TuDT5.3 
Large Margin Null Space Discriminant Analysis with Applications to Face Recognition
Chen, XiaoboJiangsu Univ.
Yang, JianNanjing Univ. of Science and Tech.
Yang, WankouSoutheast Univ. Nanjing, China
17:50-18:10, Paper TuDT5.4 
Learning Modality-Invariant Features for Heterogeneous Face Recognition
Huang, LikunNanyang Tech. Univ.
Lu, JiwenUIUC
Tan, Yap-PengNanyang Tech. Univ.
18:10-18:30, Paper TuDT5.5 
Locality-Constrained Low Rank Coding for Face Recognition
Arpit, DevanshUniv. at Buffalo
Srivastava, GauravSUNY Buffalo
Fu, YunSUNY at Buffalo